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idiot question about flights

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tatt Fri 29-Sep-06 13:34:01

always had packages before but we want to go to Australia and the online sites don't seem able to cope with what we want to do (fly into one airport, hire car, fly out of another, book hotels in between, book stopovers). So - when I try and book a flight how do I ensure its one where stopvers are permitted?

Gem13 Fri 29-Sep-06 13:36:24

Whenever it's a bit complicated the best bet is to go through a specialist.

I've heard excellent things about Austravel.

TheBlonde Fri 29-Sep-06 13:36:55

You are best to call someone like trainfinders or travelbag - they are used to this sort of thing

tatt Sun 01-Oct-06 09:41:50

Thank you. I'll try them.

tatt Sun 01-Oct-06 12:02:42

another idiot question - if I book a flight to the second place we want to visit and the flight stops at the first can book a return ticket to the first place and get on at the second on the way back?

tribpot Sun 01-Oct-06 12:05:04

I don't think so. I think your question is, if you had a return from London to Warsaw via Amsterdam (I know you're going to Oz but you get the idea), could you get on in Amsterdam on the way back. Pretty sure the answer's no.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 01-Oct-06 14:15:06

Flying into one airport and out of another is going to cost more than arriving into and departing from the same airport.

janinlondon Tue 03-Oct-06 11:15:59

Tatt - internal flights in Oz are now often much cheaper if you book them yourself, so if you need to return to your airport point of entry for your return flight, have a look at flights with Jetstar and Virgin Blue - they are much cheaper than anything a travel agent in the UK has ever found for me.

tatt Tue 03-Oct-06 15:20:59

Thanks again. Trailfinders looks a bit too expensive for us but have e-mailed a few people with what we want to do and are waiting for them to come back to us.

superloopy Tue 03-Oct-06 16:03:48

Hi Tatt
We went to Aust in 2005, we flew in to Brisbane then took some internal flights then flew out from Melbourne. We booked all of our flights through Trailfinders and they were FABULOUS (no I don't work for them!!). We flew with JAL and they were brilliant, our DD was only 5 months at the time and the staff were so helpful. The icing on the cake was getting upgraded to business class for the flight home too. Good luck planning everything! HTH!!

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