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am I misunderstanding hotel ploicy on small children? Please advise!!

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mogwai Wed 27-Sep-06 23:23:52

I'm trying to book a hotel room in Hong Kong via Asiarooms on the internet. It won't allow me to input occupancy for a child under 2 years.

I've heard that some hotels in Hong Kong have a minimum age requirement for children (2 years). There is no facility to book a cot.

Has anyone else had this problem? What's the situation??

fifiandtheflowertots Thu 28-Sep-06 08:59:03

not sure about that website as ive never used it but ive just booked to go to new york for me, dp and ds who will be 12 months, we couldnt book a room for 2 and ask for a cot so we just rang the tour operator and it turned out we had to book a bigger room, even though ds will be in a cot and doesnt count towards occupancy.
I would try and give them a call before you book it just to make sure the room is big enough to put a cot in.

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