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hotel recommendations for hong kong island

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mogwai Tue 26-Sep-06 20:08:11

We're off to Australia for a year but we are stopping off for two nights in Hong Kong.

Our DD will be 18 months old. I'm not keen on taking her in a taxi as she won't have a car seat and from what I remember, the driving is a bit edgy.

So we're looking for something close to a train station which will link us to the airport. Ideally we need a room which has a separate living area so we can close off the bedroom after she goes to bed.

I looked at places on Lantau but they are incredibly expensive (£300 plus per night) so we are looking at Hong Kong Island.

Any recommendations??

bananaloaf Tue 26-Sep-06 20:16:01

was in hong kong nearly 20years ago infact more than 20 years ago. have you look on internet for hotels, can a travel agent help.

mogwai Wed 27-Sep-06 22:09:05


fifiandtheflowertots Thu 28-Sep-06 09:01:54

i stayed at the stanford hillview in kowloon 3 years ago. The room i had didnt have a seperate living area but the hotel was lovely and was near to the local train station, it was really cheap would stay there again if i ever went back

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