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Help what can I buy a 2 year old to keep them occupied on a long flight?

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KJSW Tue 26-Sep-06 11:19:04

My friends little boy is going to be 2 this week and I am looking to buy him a present that will keep him occupied on his flight to Florida does anyone have any suggestions?

BettySpaghetti Tue 26-Sep-06 11:20:44

stickers or books with reusable stickers

Piffle Tue 26-Sep-06 11:20:51

fuzzy felts always worked with mine

KJSW Tue 26-Sep-06 11:22:03

I will get busy in town to day and see what I can get, thanks very much

rebeka27 Tue 26-Sep-06 12:10:31

I bought a fab book from Ottakers, by bloke who does Griffalo etc (can't remember his name, maybe Axel Scheffler or sommat?) Is a farm book with magnetic animals and my 2.5 yr old played with it for 4 hours on way to Devon!

KJSW Thu 28-Sep-06 10:57:30

Could not get fuzzy felt anywhere, so I have bought the magnetic book. They did not have the one about the farm but got muddle jungle. Thanks very much

morningpaper Thu 28-Sep-06 10:59:26

wrap it up, say he can open it on the plane

that will add another minute to its value

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