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has anyone got married in the caribbean??

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Pollyanna Mon 25-Sep-06 20:31:20

It was here She went off to Sandals after the wedding - there are loads of weddings held there each day apparently, but very nice (in a tacky way) apparently.

kayleigh81 Mon 25-Sep-06 16:45:13

i know, sorry i wasnt sure which it would be best on so i posted on both

hulababy Mon 25-Sep-06 16:42:47

Replied on other thread:

Not in the caribbean, but DH and I got married on safari in Kenya. Was the only wedding, and very private ceremony with just me and DH and our witnesses (official ones from hotel). It was lovely and very romantic.

kayleigh81 Mon 25-Sep-06 16:37:44

ive never thought of hiring a villa but that sounds better than being in a big hotel complex, will definatley look into that, thanks

Pollyanna Mon 25-Sep-06 16:18:30

oh and I had 4 children with me - there was a pool and it was close to the beach. They had a lovely time.

Pollyanna Mon 25-Sep-06 16:17:31

my sister got married in St Lucia in May. She hired a big villa for her and about 20 guests to stay in. It was lovely.

Mateychops Mon 25-Sep-06 16:12:54

Kayleigh, congratulations. I loved it, it's such a hassle free way of getting married. The wedding coordinator sorts out a lot for you, while you still retain the choice of things like flowers, etc. We went with BA, and they were brilliant, would highly recommend them.

LieselVonTrapp Mon 25-Sep-06 11:05:58

Mateychops got married in Barbados and she said try and have the ceremony in the hotel or gardens grounds. She had her photos taken on the beach at sunset to avoid topless/fat beer guts in the background. We had seen so many wedding videos on the beach with middle aged topless people walking passed. Gross.

kayleigh81 Mon 25-Sep-06 10:38:27

me and dp have been talking about getting married in 2008, probably at sunset beach resort, montego bay in jamaica.
Has anyone got any tips or reccomendations for weddings abroad??
We will be taking a few members of family as well as our ds who will be 2 and our neice who will be 5 so i want something that will keep them entertained as well

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