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Thailand with 14 & 11 year old

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pilates Sat 23-Aug-14 16:46:11

Can someone talk to me about holidays in Thailand.

Where would you stay and what is there to do?

The reason I'm hesitant is my DH's friend is married to a Thai lady and he said it wouldn't be suitable to take children but surely it's not all seedy?

exexpat Sat 23-Aug-14 16:51:26

I've never been, but loads of my friends who live elsewhere in Asia regularly go on family holidays to Thailand. There is a lot more to it than seedy bar districts (I'd be wondering what your DH's friend has been up to, frankly). Some of the photos I've seen from beach resorts and so on look amazing. Obviously you need to be careful about drinking water/hygiene/mosquitoes, but that is the same as in all other hot and/or developing countries, and for adults as well as children.

specialsubject Sat 23-Aug-14 18:38:08

it is a very big country and it is NOT evenly coated with prostitutes and their clients! Has your mate been anywhere except Pattaya?

I've never seen any of this in my visits to Krabi province. Beautiful place, lots to see and do and great food. Suggest you get hold of a Rough Guide.

water not drinkable, dengue zone so 24/7 insect repellent, some malarial areas (although not big tourist areas) and also the southern four provinces are no-gos but again you wouldn't be there as a tourist. Full set of childhood jabs needed.

MillyMollyMama Sat 23-Aug-14 20:48:50

A friend of mine has just told me that the beautiful resort she went to was full of Russians. There is a simmering political problem too so it would not be my first choice. If you want culture then it's fairly interesting to combine Bangkok and Chiang Mai, for example, but if you just want a beach resort, the Caribbean is nearer.

ShanghaiDiva Sun 24-Aug-14 01:05:34

I have been several times with my children.
Phuket - north of the island is nice and can recommend indigo pearl hotel.
Chiang Mai is interesting - craft centre, temples, cooking courses.
Bangkok - amazing palace and temples.
I have not really encountered the seedy side of Thailand, but prefer quiet resorts and sitting in a small restaurant/ bar on the beach in hat Na yang rather than clubs and entertainment.
There are ongoing political problems ( curfews imposed earlier this year).

ruralmyth Sun 24-Aug-14 05:18:16

We've taken our teens several times. It's a great family holiday.
BK is fascinating for a couple of days, Chang Rai, the islands off Phuket & Krabi, (Koh Lanta), Koh Samui (very touristy but pretty) it's a perfect family holiday. The food is amazing and the people are lovely.
MMM IME the Russians love the very ritzy resorts, which are easy to avoid.

pilates Sun 24-Aug-14 07:40:31

Thanks for your replies.

What vaccinations did your children have?

Was thinking Bangkok for a few days and then on to a beach resort.

ruralmyth Sun 24-Aug-14 08:56:19

Usual routine imms, then a Hep A.
Biggest health risk for us was getting fat grin

breward Mon 25-Aug-14 14:28:35

Have you thought about a family adventure holiday to Thailand? Explore and Exodus both offer holidays to Thailand which are great. We honeymooned in Thailand then went back with the children (age 10 and 12) 18 years later. We did it as a family adventure and saw and did far more than doing it on our own. For example we spent an afternoon at the Erawan waterfalls (7 tiers of swimming waterfalls- watch the you tube videos of it), which we could not have done without the local knowledge.

The adventure holidays seem pricey, but so much is included and they are so relaxing as your guide takes care of everything...the kids are happy too as they get a pool and friends!

exexpat Mon 25-Aug-14 14:38:26

I'd say the Explore/Exodus option is worth looking at too, if you want to do more than just wander round Bangkok and then sit on the beach. We went with Exodus to Cuba on a small-group families-with-teenagers tour (mine were 15 and 10 at the time), and it worked really well - lots to do, similar-aged children for my two to mess around in the pool and play cards with, and much less hassle than organising all the details yourself. They included things like zip-wiring, jungle walks with river swimming, dawn rowing boat expeditions to look at wildlife etc which might be harder to set up as an independent traveller.

ihatethecold Mon 25-Aug-14 16:49:21

Watching with interest.
My kids are the same age as yours op and I would love to take them but I'm overwhelmed with choice
I would be worried about go go bars.
I have been told by someone in trail finders that Koh Samui would be a good choice.

higherhill Mon 25-Aug-14 18:20:26

We were there this summer and did bkk then onto koh Tao with an overnight train on the way back to bkk before flying home, the curfew was none existent as far as I could see and we felt completely safe. My kids have had all their jabs when toddlers and just needed the hep b . We had a fab time .
All the seedy stuff can be easily avoided.

pilates Mon 25-Aug-14 20:14:12

Thanks higherhill that's encouraging.

How old are your children?

Daisybell1 Tue 26-Aug-14 09:54:19

We're heading for Krabi in the new year. I've not been before but I think we can avoid any speediness. We're not going super posh either so hopefully everything won't be in Russian?

specialsubject Tue 26-Aug-14 10:19:25

repeat, Thailand is a big country. In fact, Krabi is a big province. Where are you going, Daisybell?

it is like avoiding all of the UK because there are pockets of prostitution in bits of London.

CariadsDarling Tue 26-Aug-14 10:33:43

I can recommend this resort wholeheartedly

Daisybell1 Tue 26-Aug-14 11:38:13

We're actually heading for Ao Nang. OH needs a mix of activities and restaurants and prefers to be somewhere more built up. I'd like somewhere a bit more chilled but will get the boats out to the other beaches around.

specialsubject Tue 26-Aug-14 12:32:14

haven't been there, although Krabi Town is lovely. Raileh worth a day trip.

watch the weather, longtail boats are far more dangerous than the hookers that everyone seems to be worrying about.

sheba2288 Mon 01-Sep-14 21:55:37

We went to Bangkok for 4 days and Phuket for 12, last year. A brilliant holiday!

Went to Kanchaiaburi (sp?) to the Bridge on the River Kwai, and then onto a fab elephant ride, even playing with them in the river. We even went to the Tiger Temple, with much hesitation as I'm still uncomfortable whether it's a genuine set up or a commercial one. But the fact we ended up feeding tiger cubs and seeing the kids reactions have made me feel a bit better about it. Also in Bangkok, there's the floating market, and we did the main river cruise and Chatachuk market, a must if you have a daughter!

In Phuket, we did the Flying Hanuman, a jungle zip wire. We went on a day cruise to Phi Phi island, and then hired a private boat to take us to Phang Nga Bay (aka James Bond Island). The guide took us to unbelievably beautiful scenery, and even arranged for local boat people to kayak us around some caves!

Pls contact me if you need any more help. It was the most fantastic time!

pilates Tue 02-Sep-14 17:24:28

Thanks Sheba. That sounds fab and right up my street. Did you just have the Hep A injection or any others and what age were your children?

ruralmyth Tue 02-Sep-14 18:02:52

I wasn't mad on Phuket, I think some of the smaller islands are much prettier.
Have a look on

higherhill Tue 02-Sep-14 21:39:14

Pilates my kids are 10 and 6 , can't stress enough how much they enjoyed it!!

pilates Tue 02-Sep-14 21:46:26


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