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BA to Australia - what's your experience?

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sunnydelight Fri 15-Sep-06 14:47:57

We're currently planning our holiday to Sydney and our travel advisor says the best available flights (price wise) are with BA/Quantas. I dislike BA with a vengence and have never heard great things about flying longhaul with children with them. Can anyone tell me otherwise or is it just better to pay the extra money and fly with Singapore or Thai airlines? (Kids are 3, 7 and 13 BTW so don't need bassinets/food heated etc.).

littlemadam Fri 15-Sep-06 14:59:02

We've flown to Perth by BA/Quantas, Singapore and Emirates, and sorry to say IMO the last two beat BA hands down for service, friendliness, etc. Is the price difference really horrific?? I would be tempted to go with Singapore...

suzywong Fri 15-Sep-06 15:01:08

Never ever been with BA and shan't be changing that
Singapore all the way

RTKangaMummy Fri 15-Sep-06 15:10:27

Try Air New Zealand

it goes other way round ie via LA and AKL {cos we went to Cook Islands in South Pacific}

but we went Premium Econ -- upstairs in 747 and it was very good

But would deffo go Singapore if you want to go that way round

RTKangaMummy Fri 15-Sep-06 15:11:41

But our DS is 11 years so not really a child iyswim

sunnydelight Fri 15-Sep-06 16:21:38

Thanks, confirms what I thought. I'll see what the price difference is. Anyone else?

Gingerbear Fri 15-Sep-06 16:27:56

Have flown to Australia Quantas, Emirates, Malaysia, Thai and Singapre. I would say Emirates is the best, with Singapore a very close second.

Gingerbear Fri 15-Sep-06 16:29:28

What am I talking about? Quantas, Emirates and Singapore to Oz, the other 2 to SE Asia only, but still good service long haul.

YeahBut Fri 15-Sep-06 16:30:22

Singapore, Malaysian or Emirates are your best bet. BA/Quantas were terrible IME.

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 15-Sep-06 16:42:24

Would NOT recommend you use Air New Zealand and transit through LAX under any circumstances!. I'll spare you all the details but the transit area at LAX is grim and somewhat prison like to say the least. Also you will all have to complete visa waiver and go through immigration and customs even though you will not be setting foot outside the airport!.

You're far better off therefore going via Singapore or eastwards anyway rather than going west.

Would also suggest you read the airline reviews on before making a final judgment.

quokka Fri 15-Sep-06 16:43:32


mosschops30 Fri 15-Sep-06 16:47:21

From my travel days (only a year or so ago) I would actively encourage people not to fly BA/Qantas, for the simple reason that they are awful long-haul (very good short haul tho).

Go Singapore or Malaysian (who are excellent), malaysian will probably be cheaper than singapore but they used to have the biggest seat pitch and often have free stopovers and free flights for penang etc if you want to stop after Kuala Lumpur

Gingerbear Sat 16-Sep-06 05:30:35

I once paid one whole US dollar to upgrade to first class on a Malaysian flight from KL to Kuantan. (Internal flight, I know) I had an 8 hour wait for the flight after 13 hours or so from the UK, so the Golden Lounge with all the lovely freebies and the chance for a shower and lovely squashy sofas to snooze on was heaven sent.

eidsvold Sat 16-Sep-06 05:49:23

Can only add to others - ahve done Qantas long haul who code share with BA - pay the money for Singapore - economy has the largest seat pitch of any airline other than american. Service is second to none.

Singapore for us.

Gingerbear Sat 16-Sep-06 05:52:18

just checked the skytrax website - Malaysia won best longhaul (economy service) for 2006. The seat pitch in economy is 34 inches cf BA's 31 inches

threebob Sat 16-Sep-06 06:50:18

Pay the extra not to go with BA- don't go via LA either.

Milge Sat 16-Sep-06 08:16:47

Malaysian, Emirates or Singapore. You will arrive in better shape, which on such a long flight, is the decider. Have never flown BA to Australia, 7 hours to NYC was more than enough for me.

chloeb2002 Sun 17-Sep-06 18:40:41

have to add to this.. just flown back from aus with gulf.. who's staff on board were far from good. when my daughter was sick on landing during a stopover, so we had to reoccupy the same seat, the air hostess said what do you expect me to do about it! singapore are allways awesome. fantastic with kids and babies. flew a leg with ba, who lost our bags at heathrow.. stiil missing a combi dash stroller! AHHHHH broke a new car seat, bags are trashed. Bas of course claim it was gulf who boke it all but admit theu lost it. only after gulf sent us the schedule of flights bagage landings! Bastrds Normally flysingapore and will pay the extra agin next year. The baggage reclaim at heathrow looked like a jumble sale, no wonder they cant find my stroller. someone probably walked out with it. anyway had my rant! no way BA is what i say.. singapore all the way.

sunnydelight Sun 17-Sep-06 18:53:20

Thanks for all the replies. I'm waiting to hear how much it will cost to fly with Singapore!

quokka Mon 18-Sep-06 12:57:00

hey sunny give travelbag a call they are very good with prices

hannahsaunt Mon 18-Sep-06 14:01:24

PILs had bad experience with Emirates. Mum loved Singapore. We flew with Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong and they were fab.

sunnydelight Tue 19-Sep-06 13:58:56

I e-mailed travelbag quokka but they haven't got back to me. Have found well timed flights with Thai who are supposed to be good with kids so we're probably going to go with them. DH announced last night that he "doesn't rate Singapore" AGHHHHHHH!

sandcastles Tue 19-Sep-06 14:05:06

Flown to Oz twice with Signapore.....fantastic, all the way!

RTKangaMummy Tue 19-Sep-06 14:51:46

Tell him CHANGI AIRPORT is one of the best in the world

With orchids and koi fish

deffo brill shops

play area

etc etc

RTKangaMummy Tue 19-Sep-06 14:54:12

they also do a special deal if you want to go out of airport for tours or stay in Singapore

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