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help! marooned in New York with 2 year old!

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CountessDracula Tue 26-Sep-06 20:17:14

If you want to be near Union Square you could try this place we stayed in teh suite (modern suite) in the picture on the home page. It is VAST. 2 double beds, a sitting room and a big and rather shambolic bathroom, plus use of kitchen if you want it. No babysitting that I know of but you could ask

It is in no way flash but is huge for NY. One odd thing is that the tv etc is in the bedroom so I guess you could put 2yo to sleep in the sitting room.

It is quite near Tompkins Square Park too which has a good playground.

NotQuiteCockney Tue 26-Sep-06 20:11:39

I can't stand staying in hotels with kids, what are you meant to do when they're asleep?

That being said, if you have a decent-sized bathroom, you can put the travel cot in their, or even put the travel cot mattress in the bathtub, pad appropriately with pillows, and then you have the room to yourself when they sleep, so at least you can watch tv, read, etc etc.

Alternatively, you can rent an apartment there maybe? I'd look here , or on

abundance Sat 16-Sep-06 15:22:20

thanks so much for the tips! will definitely check those out and am greatly looking forward to the organic supermarket in union square!

RuthT Thu 14-Sep-06 20:20:36


A couple of years ago I stayed at the Holiday Inn Downtown you can access it on this link \link{}.

I was plesantly surprised as I have been known to walk out of hotels as soon as I see rooms that I don't like! It is not the hight of fashion but the rooms are really clean and decent sizes and the location is great esp if you have kids. We asked for a quiet room and got one. You need to be relatively near things for evening meals and this is right next to Little Italy.

In fact we stayed at a midtown hotel just last month and ended up everyday walking past the Holiday Inn! Check it out on I am sure it gets good write ups.

Plus you may want to know that there is a fab wholefoods/organic supermarket in Union Sq which is huge and great. Lots of food in NY for kids is just c*. We asked at our hotel for a good and healthy place and were told 'Oh yes such a place down this road is healthy they do waffles with maple syrup'

Yummy but def not healthy!

Have a guide book on NY so any other questions happy to answer.

Not sure if Holiday inn do baby listening?


abundance Thu 14-Sep-06 10:35:19

Hi there

My 2 yr old and I are spending 3 nights in New York in early October. We were supposed to be staying with friends but they are going to be away so we have to find ourselves a hotel and keep ourselves happy for 4 days. Any suggestions on affordable hotels with nice surroundings and baby listening? Am worried about feeling rather isolated and stuck if I can't leave the room once my son goes to sleep. Don't really want to spend more than $250 per night on a hotel, but would like somewhere pretty, quiet and friendly (most seem to ban under 5s!!). Any ideas gratefully received!

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