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Travelling to Oz next week

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O2BMe Thu 14-Sep-06 08:59:47

We are heading to Oz next week so DS who is 4mths can meet the Grandparents and the rest of the family. We are stopping over in Singapore for 3 days on the way there and Bangkok for 4 days on the way back. So in total will be away 5 weeks.

For those who are FF did you take enough with you to last the entire trip. I know you can buy it in Oz but they are different brands. Does it matter if you swap between brands once there and back again once returned to the UK?

DS does not use a dummy but DH is concerned about DS playing up on the flight and wants to get one to use as a back up so as to keep the peace with the other passengers. I don't want to do this if at all possible. We have survived fine without a dummy this long and don't want to start now. Just interested in anyones experiences on a flight where DS or DD does not normally use a dummy and do you think it is a good idea to have one or not?

We have a soft sided carrycot that fits in our pram. Has anyone else taken one on board with them?


eidsvold Thu 14-Sep-06 09:13:35

we took dd1 to Aus when she was 8 months old and formula fed - I had the tetra paks and the steri bottles for the trip out as well as enough steri bottles for the trip back. Whilst there I just bought a few bottles to use - can get them really cheap. I used the KariCare Gold whilst I was out here and in the UK we used to use aptamil. SHe did not notice the difference.

Dd1 was not a dummy baby either so I jsut had a bottle of water for her to sip during landing and take off - she really didn't bother with it. Had a bit of a turn when we finally got to Aus ( flew straight through) BUT we put that down to her ears etc adjusting.

Both of our flights were night flights and we just put dd1 in her pjs and sleeping bag and off she went - slept all the way to Aus - was awake for about an hour on the ground when we had to transit at Singapore Airport. She had a skycot which she slept in no worries.

Hope that helps.

O2BMe Thu 14-Sep-06 11:06:56

Thanks eidsvold

DS is using Aptimal so thanks for the tip. We are also travelling on night flights and will hopefully get a skycot.

Haven't tried him on water yet maybe I should.

Thanks again

eidsvold Fri 15-Sep-06 06:43:31

the other thing I did was get dd1 used to room temp formula. That way - could take my formula and bottle of boiled water/evian even and could make up her formula did not have to worry about heating it up - redy to go whenever she was.

At 4 months he is probably too little for water yet - you could jsut make up his night feed and delay it a bit until take off - possibly?!?!

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