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Using Maxi Cosi PrioriFix car seat on plane?

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LulaTallulah Mon 11-Sep-06 08:29:56

We have booked our DD (1 yr) a seat on a flight to Miami and were told we could bring our car seat to sit her in. However, we have an Isofix stage 2 car seat and I'm not sure how it will fit - it can be fixed with a seat belt, but will the foot that usually rests on the floor of the car do the same on the plane. Does anyone have any advice?

LizP Mon 11-Sep-06 13:18:34

There are quite strict rules about this and they don't seem standard from airline to airline. Try calling both the airline and the seat manufacturer and see of they have experience of the type of seat you are using. The isofix wont work on the plane, but I guess you just use it as you would on a 'normal' car. Once with ds3 I had to hold him during take off/landing but could use the seat the rest of the time because we were flying from Canada and his seat had a european safety mark not a US/Canadian one.

LulaTallulah Fri 15-Sep-06 07:49:02

Thanks Liz. I called Maxi-Cosi but they wouldn't advise me because they say they only design the seats to go in cars. So I phoned BA who were EXTREMELY helpful. They said an "approved" car seat has to be the following measurements:
Vertical Position: 61x38x47cm
Horizontal Position: 69x38x36.5cm

However, I did find out that they have Britax car seats on board that you can't book in advance, but can request at the gate. As most people don't book their infants a seat the customer services guy said that the chances of getting one is quite high. This would be easier than taking our own. I haven't decided which was to go yet, but I thought that was worth knowing even if we take our own.

apea Thu 14-Aug-08 16:04:20

Hi, I have Priorifix as well and about to take DD to Australia! Do BA allow you to book a seat for an infant under 2 years old? I know Singapore Air do... but wasn't sure about BA. Does the Priorifix fit without the isofix and can you just strap it in with the seat belt on the plane? I am hoping to fly with a carrier that will take the Priorifix and also one where i can pay for a seat for the baby! thanks ! hmm

Catper33 Fri 15-Aug-08 11:10:40

Hi. As others have said there is great variation between airlines regarding car seats on flights. BA have clear info on their web site under the 'travelling with children' section.
The Britax seats they are referring to are not like normal car seats and do not fit on a seat. If you are sitting on bulkhead seats and have an infant you can opt for a bassinet or Britax seat which clips onto the special fixings on the pull down table in front of the seats. From my experience if you have booked a seat for your child you will NOT be allocated bulkhead seats and therefore can not use this Britax seat.
There are also requirements for Under 2's having their own seat ie. they have to be in a forward facing approved car seat etc. (see BA website for details).

The link below shows a picture of them if thats any hep. I found it when doing a search re: BA Britax Car seats!!!

"Britax Car Seat Link"

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