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pop century resort any one been?

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cowmad Thu 07-Sep-06 11:31:08

any advice at the moment about travelling to florida would be great
also discovery cove worth it?
also!!does any one have a chip in their passport,we all applied at the same time but on the return only mine has a chip in the back??
what can it mean?

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 07-Sep-06 12:37:08

Did you recently apply for a new UK passport?.

Perhaps you now have a biometric passport - I would enquire with the passport office in any event.

When are you going to Florida?

Is Discovery Cove worth it - well we enjoyed out day there but there are issues. First off its not cheap and you are given many opportunities to buy photos. You are all given wetsuits to wear and the entry procedure was long winded on arrival. Photo ID may be asked for on entry to prove identity (if you have a photocard driving licence take that with you).

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 07-Sep-06 12:40:19

Having looked at the UK passport website it is likely you have a biometric passport. Its all in order.

The chip stores the passport holder's photo and the personal details printed on page 31 of the passport.

If this chip is on page 31 then you indeed have a biometric passport.

cowmad Thu 07-Sep-06 13:27:03

thanks for all that!!
phoned the passport help line at the beggining it tells you that you are being charged for the call so i accepted then some numpty rambels on an i hold thinking it takes ages to get to united states no human no-one to ask a little question to total cost of call £11.50!!!
must be earning a bl**dy fortune at the mo!
discovery cove does look good tho!!dont think we`d do the dolphin swim as kids to small atm
apart from "the mouse" any other recommendations?where to eat? anything without big ears(!) to go see?

cowmad Mon 11-Sep-06 09:58:24


cowmad Mon 11-Sep-06 20:09:03


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