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Family dude ranch please - recommendations please

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Dancingdreamer Thu 05-Jun-14 22:56:29

Thinking of taking the family to dude ranch in US summer next year. Can anyone recommend a good one? Here's what we thinking of:

Suitable for 10 year old and 2 teenagers plus adults ( not worried about children's clubs as idea is that this is holiday we can share together)
Only 2 of us actually know how to ride but others would like to do some riding/learn to ride
Range of other non-riding activities
Beautiful location
Get away from it feel (don't want to feel like in big hotel surrounded by loads of people)
Not too "basic" eg tents or very rustic cabins
Pool or hot tubs would be nice

Will consider most locations. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Dustylaw Sun 15-Jun-14 01:13:10

I recommend you get in touch with American Roundup and speak to Nigel who runs it. He knows all the ranches that they feature and regularly visits (I know that is indeed so because one of the wranglers at the ranch we stayed at said he had visited). He will find out what you want and talk honestly and knowledgeably about what would suit you. There are loads of ranches, and their differences can either be quite obvious or quite subtle. I heard one US family once immediately left the ranch we were staying at because they couldn't understand how there was no TV in the rooms (in fact I don't recall seeing one at all); other US families had been coming regularly for decades for just that sense of peace and other things to do. Point is we all loved it and despite all my research I wouldn't have found that one without Nigel's recommendation. FYI, it was the Elkhorn Ranch in Arizona and may very well not at all be what you are looking for but I would be sure Nigel would have some good recommendations for you. Also, his pricing is very transparent so you can compare his charges with the price you would pay the ranch if you booked independently.

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