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Give me some ideas- holiday in North America, Central America?

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TheSarcasticFringehead Tue 03-Jun-14 21:15:11

We live just outside LA, been all around California tbh- have been to NYC, Seattle, Charlestown and Seattle. Never stepped a foot in Canada, though. Or anywhere in Central America tbh. Something lovely for the DC- 6 and 8- as we won't be able to go on holiday for a good few years tbh.

TheSarcasticFringehead Tue 03-Jun-14 21:17:04

Was thinking, Vermont?

WallyBantersJunkBox Tue 03-Jun-14 21:20:42

I always have a road trip on my bucket list - to hire an RV and drive through Florida exploring the Florida Keys, I don't know if that appeals?

Another plan is to rent a beach house in Cape Cod and have the Amity Island type experience (without the shark), I spent 3 weeks driving the coast around New England and loved it. Boston is only a short hop away too.

Or how about Hawaii as it may be more accessible to you than for most of us?

mummymeister Thu 05-Jun-14 15:27:02

Canada? Vancouver island looks fantastic then theres the city itself, the rockies, a road trip around or take the train. second Florida keys. one of only 2 places in the world I really want to go back to. loads to see off the beaten track in southern florida. Alaska? take a cruise to see the northern lights. Venezuela - bit dodgy politically but what a country! my bucket list includes belize. English is their first language they have rain forest, water activities the lot. really really want to go here one day.

InanimateCarbonRod Thu 05-Jun-14 15:30:17

Washington DC and Virginia Beach. DC has great stuff for the kids. The air and space museum, declaration of independence and the spy museum. We did a segway tour of all the major sites - white house, Lincoln, Washington and the whole way up to Capitol Hill. Then on to Virginia Beach for some relaxtion!

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