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Please help me make my BF's 40th birthday trip to NY really special

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sleepyhorse Tue 03-Jun-14 20:46:36

Hi lovely people

Going to New York in a couple of weeks to help celebrate my friends 40th birthday - there are 3 of us mums going. We are staying for 4 nights.

We are staying in Time square so very central. Want up make the experience really special and memorable for her!

During the day we plan to roam the streets and do lots of shopping (obviously!!!!!) Also Central Park is on the list amongst a few of the popular tourist attractions.

Want to organise a few surprises - at the moment all I can think of is cocktails at top of a skyscraper. And decorating the hotel room.

So just wondered if anyone can recommend anywhere that's great for this kind of thing. Something pretty special I guess.

Also anywhere good places for shopping such as warehouses that sell cheap jeans etc

Any other tips of how to make the weekend special??

I have never been before so would really appreciate any tips you have.

Thank you!

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