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Jamaica-anyone been? Good hotel recommendations?

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MarshmallowFarm Sun 01-Jun-14 14:24:06

Would really appreciate any info from people who have been. We are looking at various Thomson all-inclusive packages for Riu hotels/trelawny/grand Palladium etc. we are a family of four with two teenagers.

Thanks in advance!

Iflyaway Sat 04-Oct-14 20:42:58

Have you been already? It's just that this is already from June, so you may have gone during the summer holidays.

In case not, I have been loads of times to Jamaica. I love it.

With teenagers I would go to Negril. 7 mile beach and lots to do, people watch, walk, swim, hang out with the locals, cliff diving at Ricks for sunset, dance to reggae under the stars. Etc etc.

Met a Canadian there who goes regularly, last summer he took his two young teenage children with him. He said they had a whale of a time hanging out with the rastas on the beach.

If you want recommendations for hotels let me know.

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