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Travel Insurance 32 weeks pregnant

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Palmwoods Thu 31-Aug-06 13:19:22

Does anyone know of an insurance company that will insure me? I'm planning on flying to Australia to have my second baby but having trouble finding insurance as I'm having the baby over there.

SydSnow Thu 31-Aug-06 13:56:23

Not likely. Just make sure you get a fully refundable fare! Also, if you are travelling with someone else get them to carry any valuables in their luggage and get them some great insurance!

prettybird Thu 31-Aug-06 15:00:32

Is it just insruance for your your luggage? Will you be having your baby privately out there?

Found this which might help. As you don't have a date for retrun, you may well have to go to an insurance borker - scroll down and there is a link.

Palmwoods Thu 31-Aug-06 15:22:24

Brilliant, I'll check that link out prettybird. I'm wanting the insurace if anything happens with the baby (i.e. I go into labour in the air and need a hospital/doctor in Singapore where I'm having a stopover) and insurance for the airfare.

prettybird Thu 31-Aug-06 17:05:19

Good luck! It may be expesnive - but if you are only wanting the cover one way and you have a medical certificate saying it is OK ot fly, you should be able to get something.

whiffy Fri 01-Sep-06 10:37:19

Had same problem last mth. Only company that agreed to insure was PHA Travel and they were pretty reasonable. phatravel dot com.

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