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Were can you go in December for a proper hot beach holiday?

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Doshusallie Mon 19-May-14 18:59:08

Is Egypt only option?

FiveGoMadInDorset Mon 19-May-14 19:00:17


CaptWingoBings Mon 19-May-14 19:02:04

Abu Dhabi.

Bluestocking Mon 19-May-14 19:14:19

India - Goa or Kerala.
Malaysia - Penang, Perhentian Islands, Langkawi, Tioman
South Africa.

CaptWingoBings Mon 19-May-14 20:03:29


Sidge Mon 19-May-14 20:06:50

South Africa
Cape Verde
Sri Lanka

specialsubject Tue 20-May-14 20:00:45

shorthaul from Europe - canaries or Egypt.

longhaul - all the above, although it is a very long way to go to sit on a beach. Also only one side of Malaysia won't be in monsoon, unhelpfully I can't remember which. And you would want southern Australia, not the north.

Bluestocking Tue 20-May-14 21:47:15

The Canaries aren't properly hot in December, are they? We went in November and although it was warm(ish) during the day it was downright chilly at night, and the sea was FREEZING, although it probably always is.

SquidgyMummy Tue 20-May-14 21:53:00


SquidgyMummy Tue 20-May-14 21:54:42

If you fancy the Red Sea that also includes Israel, therefore Eilat

SquidgyMummy Tue 20-May-14 21:56:38

The Gambia if you are an older lady looking for lurve

hellokittymania Tue 20-May-14 22:00:47

Vietnam (Phu Quoc or Mui Ne, Nha Trang)
Many places in Thailand (Hua Hin, Koh Samui/Phangan/Tao Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi, etc)

specialsubject Wed 21-May-14 10:45:25

Canaries fairly similar year round. Never tropical - but that also means no tropical diseases or insect risk.

but if you want bath-temperature sea, they aren't the place.

ruby1234 Wed 21-May-14 11:04:44

Sidge mentioned upthread South Africa - although the weather will be hot, the sea is FREEZING!

PestoSunnyissimos Wed 21-May-14 13:17:33

The sea's definitely freezing in Cape Town (Atlantic) but won't be in Durban - Indian Ocean grin

Sidge Wed 21-May-14 13:30:30

ruby1234 the OP asked about BEACH holidays, she didn't say anything about wanting to actually go in the water grin

PestoSunnyissimos Wed 21-May-14 13:47:48


CaptWingoBings Wed 21-May-14 19:05:26

I wouldn't really call Cape Town a beach holiday. There are beaches but it's not really week on the sun lounger holiday territory, is it?

pashmina696 Sat 24-May-14 21:40:15

Goa is lovely in december

afclll Tue 27-May-14 23:05:43

Dubai is lovely all year! Fly from Birmingham with the lovely lounges smile

FudgeThisHit Wed 28-May-14 10:16:20

Cape Verde

SorrelForbes Wed 28-May-14 10:29:54


Shosha1 Wed 28-May-14 10:44:36


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