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Mauritius with a 4 month old?

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Loudubya Wed 25-Feb-09 16:48:39

Hi, can you recommend your accomodation please? I'm really looking for s/c in May 2009, cheers

babydales Sun 10-Sep-06 18:09:58

Sorry, but kust come back from Mauritius and would personally not go again. The weather was not too good, the hotel was nice enough but the islanders themselves really let the island down.

Coolmama Thu 31-Aug-06 09:27:03

Don't want to be the "party-pooper" (BTW - I love mauritius and we have been twice and did not have any vaccinations) but they have had a fairly serious outbreak of Chikungunya Fever and so would ckeck with WHO or someone about the risks - it's not a nice virus to catch at all -
On the other hand, I am sure that the big hotels have sprayed etc to kill the mossies.

MrsFio Wed 30-Aug-06 20:07:09

my friend lives out there and I wasnt aware you needed any vacs, i have not long fed him, are we infected

i am sure it is fine for children

3strikesout Wed 30-Aug-06 20:05:12

Is there somewhere else (Barbados maybe?) where vaccines aren't needed?

Mauritius would also still be lovely with a one year old. They still have a big nap at that age, enjoy the beach, and aren't too fussed what they do all day so you don't have to plan around them. Pretty horrid on planes though .

nnw13100 Wed 30-Aug-06 16:21:49

Hi Everyone!

1st post! My hubby and I are wanting to have one last adult holiday before baby Emily gets too big and needs more entertaining. We are considering Mauritius (5* Hilton) but have been advised by our GP not to go as Emily is too young for typhoid or Hep A vaccinations. Has anybody been to Mauritius or have any advise about this choice of holiday?


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