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Has anyone been able to book flights to California for next July/Aug yet?

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triplets Wed 30-Aug-06 11:48:30

Trying to jump in quick but nothing is coming up yet although Virgin packages are on sale and the fly drive prices are sooooooooo expensive, £5,000 for 5 of us without accomodation and spending money!

fattiemumma Wed 30-Aug-06 11:51:12

Travelcity have just quoted my mum for Florida next september.

i think you have to actualy call them as they haven't published any prices yet but they are currently giving you this years prices if you book early.

triplets Wed 30-Aug-06 17:15:08

Yes lots of companies are selling Florida but not west coast yet! Just want to know if we can afford it!

Holidaymum Wed 30-Aug-06 17:17:06

As a general rule Scheduled flights go on sale 11 months in advance. Travelcity operate charter flights which are different. You are best waiting until they are all on slae ie 11 months before so you can compare airline prices.

Holidaymum Wed 30-Aug-06 17:23:57

Just checked Galileo (global flight res system)and they are on sale up until the 27th July fares start from £350 - £600 each approx for economy discount ie inflexible tickets

triplets Wed 30-Aug-06 17:27:26

You sound an expert! Does that mean we could book flights from say the 26th and return in Aug three weeks later?

Gem13 Wed 30-Aug-06 17:41:14

triplets - have you looked at Home Exchanging as a way around accomodation costs?

I am becoming a bit of a bore on this but we have just had our second successful exchange and already organised next summer's (not the flights though!). We are going to be staying in a lovely house in the US and they are coming to our much smaller (although still nice obviously) house.

On the flights front, we are going to book in a month or so when everything is available and we can compare prices.

Holidaymum Wed 30-Aug-06 17:42:29

You can only book the outbound now! You neeed to wait three weeks to get the return and you need to book both together to get the fare. Its a pain I know. Yep its what I do for a living btw!

triplets Wed 30-Aug-06 17:59:07

Thought so, interested to hear more about the house exchange, not thought of that!

Gem13 Wed 30-Aug-06 18:12:02

Triplets - check out here . I signed up with the cheaper bronze membership where you don't list your home but you can email the owners. I sent them a mail similar to their descriptions with further details of our house, area, and our family.

This year I left it until May and still found a great house (although everyone else I wrote to said 'no thanks, we're booked'). A couple of weeks ago I wrote to 3 for next summer and had, rather embarassingly, 2 of them saying 'yes'. It really is a case of first dibs.

I love the fact that you can match up children so have the relevant toys, car seats, bikes, attractions, etc. We have a 4 year old DS, 2 year old DD (and there will be a baby too) and are swapping with a family with exactly the same - minus the baby.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 30-Aug-06 18:37:12

5K for five of you is probably par for the course on Virgin.

Would think that BA ( have got their flight schedule up for next July. August should come on line this Friday.

Californifrau Wed 30-Aug-06 18:40:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 30-Aug-06 18:41:09

The fuel surcharges and taxes certainly bump the prices up.

For one adult to go on BA (economy) in July returning mid July the cost is £648.20. This is made up of £512.00 (the basic fare) plus £136.20 (taxes and surcharges).

Would think children will pay slightly less but their surcharge will be the same.

Gem13 Wed 30-Aug-06 19:22:08

Have a look beyond BA and Virgin too for cheaper flights.

triplets Thu 31-Aug-06 15:15:08

Just phoned Virgin direct and again the price is £5,000 thats for a 7 seater, all ins, flights for 5 of us. I have only booked twice with them before so don`t sadly qualify for their 10% disc for frequent flyers. Just like to find it cheaper if I can, reducing the duration to 3 weeks instead of 4 only reduces it by £500. Any ideas ?

Holidaymum Thu 31-Aug-06 15:22:42

Yo have nothing to lose by waiting! It might be cheaper to do virgin flights separately ie not booked through virgin hols! a separate car hire and insurance or use another airline like us or air new zealand. Irarely book Virgin packages for people i find it better to package it together separately.

triplets Thu 31-Aug-06 15:29:49

Can you not find me a bargain Holidaymum? Who else would you recommend I try? If the schedule flights are on sale now will they not get more expensive if I leave it a few?

Holidaymum Thu 31-Aug-06 15:31:30

No only the outbound dates are on sale so far you need to wait three weeks to get the return date. I will certainly try for you!

triplets Thu 31-Aug-06 15:54:12

Which airline do you use?

Holidaymum Fri 01-Sep-06 09:59:44

I book all of them, I'm an independant so not tied to any company in particular so generally shop around to find the best deal.

triplets Fri 01-Sep-06 14:45:06

Just rec`d a quote today from the comp we have booked with for this Oct, they have quoted £4,100 for 5 flights and 7 seater, all ins and thats for 4 weeks, sounds very good to me!

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