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Flying direct from London to Sydney (no stopover at all)

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clairemow Wed 30-Aug-06 11:11:38

We're looking at flying direct from London to Sydney next year with 2 children who'll be 3.3 and exactly 1. Is this really stupid? Does anyone have experience of flying direct for 24 hours with no break with young children?

It's just that the cost is almost half that of stopping in somewhere like Hong Kong... But will the cost to our sanity just be too much??

clairemow Wed 30-Aug-06 11:43:11


janinlondon Wed 30-Aug-06 12:46:08

CN that's how we always do it because we want to spend all our precious time in Oz, not in an airport hotel or queueing (again!!) at check in. Try calculating the time it would take you to get off the plane, retrieve baggage, clear customs, get transport to hotel and check in, and then all again in reverse (with check in of up to three hours at the airport on your return) and you'll probably find that in that time you'd be practically in Oz anyway. Doesn't kill us. If you have a three hour layover in Singapore or KL you can book into the airport hotel (airside) and have a shower and a quick sleep if you need to. You'll be fine!

clairemow Wed 30-Aug-06 14:10:51

thanks jan. that's reassuring. I was beginning to think we were completely insane...!

milward Wed 30-Aug-06 14:16:20

Haven't done this but it's the way I'd travel - much better than all the fuss of getting on & off the plane.

cremolafoam Wed 30-Aug-06 14:17:31

i don't think there is a completely direct flight.
I would strongly advise against going via US as my experience of LAX is dreadful.(trnsit lounge hell and having to recheck all the luggage for secuity purposes)
Would recommend Singapore( changi)as there is aeven a pool you can use. Check outthis
Not keen on Bankok either.
I have found the easiest way to Sydney to be three 8 hour flights stopping in Dubai and Singapore with a few hours in each to eat and use the shower and walk about. Makes you feel better than being cooped up on a plane for a whole day.

clairemow Wed 30-Aug-06 14:52:47

Virgin do a non-stop flight from Gatwick to Sydney. Maybe it stops to refuel, I'm not sure. Agree about Singapore airport - it is great, as airports go!

MrsBigD Wed 30-Aug-06 15:11:47

clairemow, we did a stint to NZ when dd was 18 months old. Had to change planes in Singapore or was it Hongkong (?) but didn't have a stop over. Travelled 32h door to door. The kids was happy we were shattered and hit a bottle of wine upon arrival ;)

sunnydelight Wed 30-Aug-06 17:48:53

We're going on holiday in November with three kids who will be 3, 7 and 13. We plan to do the flight out in one to maximise the time there, as we want to stop in Bangkok for a few days on the way back. I'm not exactly looking forward to it, but if you are time limited there isn't much choice. At the end of the day you will cope, regardless!

mummydoc Wed 30-Aug-06 18:07:19

i have done the brisbane/singapore/heathrow flight heaps of times with dd1 in tow, we used to pack swimmers in hand luggage and go to the singapore terminal hotel pool - you can hire towels for a couple of quid , have anice swim and a shower grab a drink at hte pool bar ( it is always quiet) and then get back on the plane - kids tired out after a swim and so go off to sleep - easy! this does need a 2-3 hr refuel stop , have doen the fligth with 50 min stop in singapore and really wasn't enough time good luck

janinlondon Thu 31-Aug-06 08:14:02

ClaireMow there are direct flights, but no airline offers non-stop. You always have to refuel. But Mummydoc's suggestion is a good one. The pool in Singapore is brilliant as a diversion.

SueW Thu 31-Aug-06 10:14:01

I like the London-Dubai-Singapore journey too as it gives two good opps for leg stretching. Only problem was last time that DD was fast asleep at Singapore on the way out and I couldn't wake her so had to carry her 3yo self out to the airport and then couldn't do anything except sit in a chair! Honestly you'd have thought I'd drigged her, she was so out of it.

Of course she woke up as soon we got back onto the plane....

littlemadam Thu 31-Aug-06 10:40:55

We've flown to Perth a few times, which isn't as far, but found Manchester/Dubai/Perth great (DS is 6 and DD 2) for which I was on my own, I love Emirates, and Manchester/Singapore/Perth, which I found harder, because it has one long and one short leg. Prefer Emirates to Singapore, but thats subjective, loads of people really rate Singapore....have heard bad press about BA tho!!

Palmwoods Thu 31-Aug-06 13:17:37

I agree, Singapore is brilliant for kids and for your sanity! We go to Austrlia regluarly and always have a one night stop over in Singapore. If you fly with Singapore Airlines you can get really good five star hotel deals (i.e.£27pp per night, including transfers). It's super easy to do with kids. I understand about flying direct though, your kids are a good ages and you should still be able to get a bassinet for your 1 year old. I recommend Medised!

janinlondon Thu 31-Aug-06 13:30:08

Oi Palmwoods! Are you giving something away in your name? I am from near there. My mum was born in Palmwoods. Just wondered!

SydSnow Thu 31-Aug-06 13:53:47

I love the London/Dubai/Sydney option with Emirates. It's such a direct route and the leg-room on Emirates tends to be better than most other airlines.

Palmwoods Thu 31-Aug-06 15:37:50

Janinlondon, my cover is blown! Not many people have heard of Palmwoods so I am surprised.

janinlondon Fri 01-Sep-06 08:22:30

Palmwoods, on a site of this size you're always going to find someone! I'm from Nambour. Mum was born in Palmwoods and Dad comes from Eudlo (seriously local!!). My Mum still does aqua aerobics at the pool in aunt and uncle live there, and my sister's husband had a house there for a year or two....and my parents played tennis at the courts there for years and years in the 60's 70s and 80's, so I know heaps of local people by name. So you know, there is bound to be a link!

flannelettepyjamas Sun 03-Sep-06 01:40:05

I do this flight regularly ( only Manchester to Brisbane) and will be doing it alone again in November when I will be stopping over for at least a few hours in the airport hotel at Singapore.
I think that if there are 2 of you travelling that doing a straight through trip would be preferable to stopping over with all the hassle of customs, checking back in, bag collection, etc.
I'd do shifts between the 2 of you - say 2 hours on 2 off so that 1 of you at a time can get some rest.
If there was just one of you - then I'd definitely stop over as you need the break. I didn't stop over on my last trip in June with 13 month old and sorely regretted it.
Agree Changi airport is fabby with lots to do and a lovely quiet cool lounge area with showers/ internet and comfy chairs.
I forgot about the pool - will definitely try this next time.
Good luck.

bloss Sun 03-Sep-06 05:14:54

Message withdrawn

jenkel Sun 03-Sep-06 21:31:53

We went a couple of years ago and stopped at singapore and had a day room, best £40 I've ever spent. We could have a shower, the kids had a bath and played ages in the bath (8 mths and 2), lovely airport and lots to keep kids busy,

eidsvold Tue 05-Sep-06 06:18:08

palmwoods - if in QLD my aunt lives there now and that is where dh and I got married.

eidsvold Tue 05-Sep-06 06:19:23

wow - Jan my aumt and unlce have started up a farm - hydroponic veges in Palmwoods. what a small world.

janinlondon Wed 06-Sep-06 08:51:30

My aunt and uncle were pineapple farmers there till they retired a couple of years ago. Out Hunchy Road. It IS a small world, isn't it?

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