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Nassau with DS4 - where should we stay?

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MammaLex Wed 14-May-14 17:31:24

We are planning to go to Nassau in the Bahamas later this year grin to meet up with some family. Any recommendations on where we can stay with a 4 year old? and anything we should or shouldn't do while we are there?

ruby1234 Wed 14-May-14 21:06:45

We went to Nassau a couple of years ago and stayed at Sandals, so no good for you! (But was very nice).
Most of the nice hotels have their own private beaches; ours even had it's own island, as did some others, with 'watery' entertainment.
You can get a trip to the Atlantis, which has an aquarium and (I think) a water park.
You can wait on the dock and watch the cruise ships come in - sometimes one of the Disney ones docks there.
Can't think of anywhere else though - Nassau not really a child orientated destination. Sorry.
If you're going via Miami and can stop off, a day trip round the Everglades would be nice.

backinthebox Sun 25-May-14 00:05:42

I work in Nassau regularly, and I'm afraid the advice I usually give when someone asks me where to stay is anywhere except the whole island! The Bahamas are beautiful, but Nassau really is just the arrival point. Most of the hotels are wedged together around a bay with a busy main road running along it. The new Baha Mar development overshadows the lot of it. If you are set on going to the Bahamas I would get straight out of Nassau and off to the exumas, Eleuthera, or governors harbour. Probably not what you want to hear!

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