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Off to Jamaica and concerned

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Parkyerbike Fri 09-May-14 17:42:19

Hi, I'm off to Jamaica in July and will be travelling with a 9 month old which worries me as it's a long flight

I have loads of questions so hopefully I can get my worries over with by using the mums net forums

We need to look at taking food and was wondering if anybody has experience travelling with the foil packed food for babies, such as the Ella's Kitchen pouches and whether they will withstand the pressure of the plane if placed in a suitcase in the hold

Would hate to get there and find we have nothing to feed him with

Thanks in advance


Rumplestiltskinismyname Fri 09-May-14 17:50:44

They should be fine. I've traveled with wine with corks which haven't exploded- so wouldn't expect foil packets to either. But to be on the safe side I would pack them into sandwich bags. If your child is doing Blw you should be fine if you're going to an AI resort I would think as they'll have pasta options and bread rolls etc.

Christelle2207 Fri 09-May-14 17:59:27

Just flew a couple of weeks ago with a ton of pouches in the hold and they were fine. I have had stuff burst before though (not baby food) so I would just wrap in plastic bags to be sure.

Parkyerbike Fri 09-May-14 19:09:12

Thanks for the responses, I have no idea what blw is so don't think I'm doing it, always wary of sticking something in his mouth on holiday that may not be clean but maybe I'm a paranoid daddy

Rumplestiltskinismyname Fri 09-May-14 22:26:41

Sorry BLW=baby led weaning= finger food. (Probably overly simplified a whole 'method' but that's it in a nutshell!!)

pashmina696 Thu 15-May-14 21:35:28

Travelling with ellas kitchen pouches has never presented a problem for me other than the weight! i am sure you will be able to adapt food from the hotel, mash a banana for example and many hotels make baby purees, just take plenty nappies etc, the jamaican nappies i found at the shops near our hotel were almost useless.

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