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Mickeys not so scary halloween quiery

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triplets Sun 27-Aug-06 11:38:37

We have tickets for this in Oct, just wondering how they sort out who hhas tickets and who doesn`t, presumambly the park is open to all, then how do they boot out those who don`t have the special ticket for the evening?Anbody been and know please?

hulababy Sun 27-Aug-06 11:40:27

If it is like it was at DLP everyone not going to the Hallowe'en party left early. The park closed early for the day visitors. I am not sure how it all worked after that though - whether everyoene had to leave and they closed it fully and then let everyone re-enter.

triplets Sun 27-Aug-06 11:43:39

Hi Hulababy,
Good to hear from you again. Yes we thought they might ask everyone to leave then re-enter, that would be a bit of a pain though! No doubt they have a very efficient way round it!

hulababy Sun 27-Aug-06 11:50:28

I think that is what must happen:

The lightly frightful fun begins at 7 p.m. after regular park operating hours and continues until midnight. Separate admission is required.

Which suggests that normally at this time of year the park closes before 7pm. Hence everyone leaves before then. Then those going to the Hallowe'en enters.

Just checked and yes, the park in October normally closes at 7pm.

Maybe you just go to the entrance and have it re-checked? I am sure they have a way that works!

BTW - this site is good for getting up to date info on Disney. And it has a discussion orum - maybe someone has already asked the question, Might be worth a look.

tallulah Sun 27-Aug-06 13:02:35

When we have been able to stay on after the park closes they make you go back to the entrance beforehand and get wristbands. Anyone in the park without a wristband after the normal closing time gets chucked out.

triplets Sun 27-Aug-06 17:14:05

ok, thanks Tallulah!

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