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Thomas Cook Holiday to Orlando - views

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SnottyHankie Sat 03-May-14 12:13:56

We're planning our first family holiday to Orlando in July 2015 (2 adults and 10 year old DD). Best prices so far are from Thomas Cook, flights from Glasgow, hotel on International Drive and car (working out at £1k each).

Has anyone else flown to Orlando with Thomas Cook, was the flight ok? I'm not paying for luxury so not expecting it but what's the leg room like in economy, do the seats have TV screens, are there plenty films etc to keep my DD entertained?

Also has anyone used their basic car hire and if so, was the car ok? We're not planning to do too much driving over there so I'm hoping we'll manage with it. Does anyone book the car insurance excess cover with a different company?

Once I have the holiday booked, I'll start thinking about theme parks etc.

Many thanks.

WeeClype Sat 03-May-14 13:47:22

I usually fly with Thomas Cook to Orlando and have always had no problems.....flying with them next month, can't wait lol

WeeClype Sat 03-May-14 13:49:22

The cars are all ok and you may even get a free upgrade, always take out the best insurance here as it's expensive doing it over there.

And they have the tele's on the seats

Neeko Sat 03-May-14 13:56:30

Flew with them from Manchester to Orlando last year. Last minute change of plane meant no seat back tv or reclining seats on way there. Was a bit grim especially as it was both DCs first time on a plane and although we had pre-booked our seats the configuration was different so we weren't all together as planned.
The plane back was fine though and it wouldn't put me off flying with them again if the price was right. (It saved us £1200 as a family of 4 to fly from Manchester instead of Glasgow btw.)

We also stayed on I Drive but didn't hire a car. Is doable but car would be better.

Hope you have a fab time.

Awks Sat 03-May-14 14:01:06

We went this easter from Manchester on the A330 and it was fine. Back of the seat TV's were a bit basic but the food was good and the stewards v pleasant. Legroom was ok and I am tall.

We did hire a car, didnt upgrade or anything (just ignore them saying you wont get your case in smile the Alamo garage is full of different basic cars and you chose your own)

middleagedspread Tue 06-May-14 18:18:32

Not to Florida but flew TC to Cuba last summer.
TBH it was grim; late departing, charged for all drinks (even tea & coffee), food was indelible & when we landed at LGW on the return we had to wait 90 minutes because they couldn't open the hold.
I wouldn't fly long haul with them again.

angelohsodelight Wed 14-May-14 05:41:16

I think you fly to Sanford with Thomas cook, which I would avoid. I wouldn't fly long haul with them as I ant going to Sanford!

plumnc Wed 14-May-14 05:48:28

It's worth checking out declining the car and hiring you own from the airport ( book online). We did this a few years ago. Hire & I durance this way was cheaper than paying for the insurance separately!

homebythesea Wed 04-Jun-14 08:42:41

It's worth pricing up buying flights and hotel separately- you might find that scheduled airline plus accom is the same or even cheaper. Also villas with pools are ten a penny and fantastic value for money so you might save a bit over a hotel fir nicer accomidation

Groovee Sat 12-Jul-14 08:39:37

From this year TC fly to MCO not Sanford. Found them fine last year despite a delay on the way home and would use again.

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