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infant seats on longhaul flights

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teabags Sat 26-Aug-06 09:36:28

my somewhat fuzzy understanding is my DS (under 2), if occupying his own seat must be in a car seat supplied by me. I have checked a few airlines and they don't seem to specify other than to say the car seat must be compatible . Can anyone help??


TheBlonde Sat 26-Aug-06 10:05:54

I think some airlines will offer you the use of their seat
We took our stage 2 car seat - it is big but fitted fine
You just attach it with the lap belt
Width may be your only issue

Astrophe Sat 26-Aug-06 10:22:09

not 100% sure as we flew from aust with our 18month old but did not buy a seperate seat for her. As far as i know you don't have to bring a car seat but can if you want to. toddlers who don't have a car seat sit on your lap with a special seatbelt attached to your seat belt.

hth...was that what you are asking?

teabags Sat 26-Aug-06 10:51:08

thanks, yes I didn't know if you took a seat with you or if they provided one
I guess I'll call the airline we book our flight with.
I want ds to have his own seat if poss as I'll be 6 mths preg by the time we fly so not much lap space!

hulababy Sat 26-Aug-06 10:54:06

Some airlines will no no longer let you take your own seats on board. Virgin won't for example. You have to book the use of one of theirs if you want to use a car seat on board.

I'd phone or e-mail your airline first as they are all different.

And remember you must be able to fit your car seat with a lap belt only.

Astrophe Sat 26-Aug-06 12:58:58

something to think about;
i was 6 mos preg too when we flew. we ummed and ahhed about whether to buy a seat or not. in the end we didn't, but they put spare seats next to us on al three flights and tbh dd was on our laps or the floor or in the bassinet to sleepn the whole time anyway, so very glad we didn't shell out for the extra seat! but i did have dh with me, so if you ae alone might be best to have a seat you can strap your ds into.

Chandra Sat 26-Aug-06 13:01:05

Ring the airline or the airport, considering the new security measures it is likely theyu don't even allow you to take a seat with you anymore.

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