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Need halp re buses from Euston or oxford Street to Sheperds Bush please

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Quadrophenia Wed 23-Aug-06 20:46:52

Hi guys, I need to go from Euston to white city tomorrow but will be travelling with kids so don't want to use tube if poss, can anyone tell me what buses i can get and any idea of length of journey?? Much appreciated

Quadrophenia Wed 23-Aug-06 20:51:16

sorry not long haul woops, any sheperds bush peeps out there??

rabbitrabbit Wed 23-Aug-06 20:54:23

Hi, this is a good site: Travel for London

You can select the 'Journey Planner' option (in the top left box) and then select 'more travel options' to specify how you want to travel, i.e. only bus etc.


rabbitrabbit Wed 23-Aug-06 20:54:59

actually it's Transport for London isn't it (God, can't even read now! need to sleep)

Beetle73 Wed 23-Aug-06 20:57:21

I believe that the 94 and the 148 go along Holland Park Avenue from Marble Arch to Shepherd's Bush.

Quadrophenia Wed 23-Aug-06 20:58:18

Thankyou very much people thats great < beetle, do you own one, think I may have asked you before!!

southeastastra Wed 23-Aug-06 21:11:44


Quadrophenia Wed 23-Aug-06 21:12:53

I know, although believ me with 4 kids it will certainly feel it!!

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