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Would you take a baby to China?

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MrsFogi Wed 23-Aug-06 16:38:48

We've got the opportunity of going to Shanghai in Oct/Nov and are wondering whether or not it's a good idea with dd (she'll be 10 mths old then) - has anyone been who can tell me (eg re pollution, jabs she'd need + anything I should know).

expatinscotland Wed 23-Aug-06 16:39:35

No. Too long a flight and too big a hassle.

expatinscotland Wed 23-Aug-06 16:39:51

I'm a lazy arse and yes, she'd need more jabs.

Piffle Wed 23-Aug-06 16:42:03

if it was a choice between taking dd and not going at all then yes I would take her

SofiaAmes Wed 23-Aug-06 17:31:15

Shanghai is wonderful. I haven't gone with a baby, but I'm sure you will have a lovely time. The chinese LOVE chidlren and are very friendly and helpful. Make sure you bring a buggy that is good for rough roads. The weather should still be nice at that time of year. I travelled around china quite a bit over several trips and never once got sick and ate pretty much everything. They are very careful lwith their hygiene and because everyone drinks tea all the time, you can get boiling water pretty much everywhere you go (even in the 3rd class compartment in the trains). You will be able to find whatever you coudl possibly imagine that you might need there and it will be a fraction of the price it costs in the uk.

MrsFogi Wed 23-Aug-06 19:44:41

Thanks for the replies so far. Any words of wisdome from any other mners?

alexsmilitantmum Wed 23-Aug-06 19:46:37

go. you should always grab hold of any opportunity that comes your way or you'll regret it later.

jacsmum Wed 23-Aug-06 20:44:23

GO! Shanghai is fantastic.

I lived in China for years and ds1 was born there. Everyone will be incredibly nice to you and your baby and you will be able to buy all the clothes you need for her whole childhood for peanuts (You can buy the extra case you'll need at the same markets). You can buy all baby food products in supermarkets in cities, but I would take everything with you for a short trip as there is a tiny risk that things in shop are counterfeit so not what they say they are.

Immunisation against hepatitis is important for the whole family (she has prob had this jab already).

Fly Air China or China Eastern. The hostesses and chinese passengers will make a big fuss of your child and it won't occur to anyone to complain even if she spends the whole night crawling over them and upsets everyones food trays.

jacsmum Wed 23-Aug-06 20:47:24

Normally you would travel around a city by taxi (dirt cheap) so be sure to have a buggy that's easy to bung in the boot.

harrisey Fri 25-Aug-06 09:37:44

Not been to China (you lucky thing you!) but have travelled in Central America with 18m old (and 3 and 5 yo as well) and it was fab. Though its something she wont remember, it will e a very precious memory for you and just seeing other places/experiencing another culture will be fab for all of you.
Travelling in less developed countries with children is, I think, much easier than you would think. We went around Guatemala in taxis and the 'chicken bus', spent ages talking to people about our different experiences of being a parent, sharing about our kids, (really improved my Spanish!!) and the kids had a ball!
Go, you'll regret it if you dont.
You might want to think about BCG (tb) vaccine if she didnt have it at birth. For Guatemala/Honduras ours had to have typhoid/hep a/tetanus booster for ds/BCG and we opted for HepB as well just in case they needed any treatment while away. HTH

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