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welshlass Wed 23-Aug-06 15:41:09


My Brother is moving to america in 2wks,and hopefully my hubby,Our Son and I would like to go over next yr!
Has anyone ever been to the Usa before?? and Ryan (son) and i have never flown before
We can get a reduced rate on flights as my hubby's sis works for Virgin Atlantic
how can i keep Ryan amused as he gets bored so easy???
and advice would b great,as i like 2 prepare early

CountessDracula Wed 23-Aug-06 15:42:33

Where are you going?

welshlass Wed 23-Aug-06 15:43:35

Florida! My sis in law is already over there (as she's american)

CountessDracula Wed 23-Aug-06 15:48:42

Ah never been there, sorry

Lots have though.
How old is Ryan? They are usually fascinated by flying for a while so that keeps them occupied. Also you get given stuff.

Take a portable dvd player if he is old enough

welshlass Wed 23-Aug-06 15:50:38

Ryan is 7!! going on 17!!!
i know Virgin giive kids a pack of goodies,so maybe that will help!

CountessDracula Wed 23-Aug-06 15:52:22

Hope you and your dh are very short!

Their seat pitches are very bad indeed

CountessDracula Wed 23-Aug-06 15:52:55

Also they may have those computer game things (sorry I don't know what they are called is it playstation or gameboy or somethign)

welshlass Wed 23-Aug-06 15:54:53

yes im quite short (5ft 1)
not sure what hubby is :/
we r hoping his sis will get us upgraded
and Ryan will no doubt want his gameboy

Btw im Michelle!

RTKangaMummy Wed 23-Aug-06 15:56:00

You can deffo getCHEAP "mates rates" with VIRGIN cos we got them from a friend who worked for them with no problem of you choosing your dates etc.

Or you can get free standby tickets and then it is up to chance.

You don't always get kids packs they sometimes run out

Also VIRGIN have TV on back of every seat and have playstation type games to play with an individual control

Ryan will have a wonderful time on the plane choose flights with nightime so he sleeps

Go and have fun

CountessDracula Wed 23-Aug-06 15:57:02

Also VIRGIN have TV on back of every seat and have playstation type games to play with an individual control

that is what I was trying to say
I don't know the diff between playstation and gameboy!

RTKangaMummy Wed 23-Aug-06 15:57:12

Get an upgrade to Premium Econ upstairs in the 747

RTKangaMummy Wed 23-Aug-06 15:59:13

CD I am sooooooooo slow in typing that you had already posted yours

Gameboy is a totally portable thing from Nintendo and Playstation is a TV connected thing from Sony

Apart from Sony PSP which is portable

CountessDracula Wed 23-Aug-06 16:00:11

ahh thanks

I don't do games

RTKangaMummy Wed 23-Aug-06 16:00:19

And Prem Econ is separsate check in and boarding

Cos 7 is too old fro preboarding usually

RTKangaMummy Wed 23-Aug-06 16:01:22

welshlass Wed 23-Aug-06 16:05:18

Fingers x for upgrade then!!
will ask jen nicely 2 save me a kids pack

RTKangaMummy Wed 23-Aug-06 16:10:36

Is she cabin crew or check in?

If she is cabin crew she may be able to ask the captain if DS can go up to see the controls, if she is on your flight.

But if she is not on your flight it prob won't be possible unless she is a senior crew member.

CountessDracula Wed 23-Aug-06 16:12:55

No way! Surely you can't do that any more!

welshlass Wed 23-Aug-06 16:14:02

She Flight manager on the plane,in charge of staff!

RTKangaMummy Wed 23-Aug-06 16:32:45

CD I am not sure but if you don't ask you don't get.

If she is in charge of your flight she may have the power for her nephew - sort of it is not what you know but who you know.

Our friend did that on VIRGIN for DS to go up to see controls etc BUT that was pre 9/11

I was a bit shocked when we flew home yesterday from New Zealand that they hadn't put in a double door between business class and the captain, {upstairs in 747}, cos I could see straight into the contols when the captain came out into the cabin.

And this was a new refitted 747. I would have thought they would have 2 doors between the public and the contols.

welshlass Wed 23-Aug-06 16:37:16

Omg! u would have thought they would have a door!!!

RTKangaMummy Wed 23-Aug-06 19:51:51

No I meant it did have A door

But IMHO it should have 2

So that if the terrorist gets through one door then the crew have a chance of stopping them get through a 2nd one iyswim

And the captain just walked out mid-flight which meant I could see the controls etc.

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