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Advice Needed - Thailand with an 18 month baby!

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fluffymummy Tue 22-Aug-06 12:49:26

We've got a month off next February (lucky us!) and are thinking about going to Thailand for the whole month with ds1 who will be about 18months old by then. General plan is to find a small friendly hotel on a nice beach and relax for most of the time we're there.
Has anyone been to Thailand recently? How was the flight? How was the health & safety over there? Do you have anywhere you would recommend? Was the food baby safe? Were hotels helpful? How much baby stuff do we need to take with?
All feedback appreciated - we travelled extensively pre-baby but are worried that this is a really bad idea with ds1 in tow!!!

bluejelly Tue 22-Aug-06 12:56:08

Feb is perfect time to go I reckon.
Went 2 years ago with my dd ( aged 4 at the time)
stayed at the Panviman resort on Ko Phangan
Bit hard to get to (flew to ko samui, then taxi, boat, bumpy truck ride) but oh my god what a wonderful hotel
Fantastic staff, infinity pool, great location.
It's the only luxury hotel on the island which is more known for full moon parties etc but it's quite a long way from that scene...
Lonely planet says it is over-rated and over-expensive but I thought it was wonderful, as did my dd.

fluffymummy Tue 22-Aug-06 13:12:05

Thanks BlueJelly! We've been thinking about Koh Samui as DH is worried about being anywhere which is harder to get to/from in case something goes horribly wrong. Also cos we're going to be out there for a month so want to go somewhere with a decent choice of places to eat and things to do...
Really concerned about the health thing, also about baby food (and being able to get fresh milk for ds)...

bluejelly Tue 22-Aug-06 13:19:54

Have you read Lonely planet's travel with children?
Loads of reassuring stories about travelling off the beaten track with little ones (inc trekking in Nepal, roughing it in africa and all sorts of things I wouldn't do in a million years!)
But I would have few qualms about taking 18 month old to thailand. And staying in a resort like panviman doesn't feel like roughing it at all...
Food is very good. (Lots of fresh fruit, veggies, rice, fish, pasta, eggs which should be fine for a little one etc)
Healthcare in thailand is generally of a high standard. People generally lovely.
And lots of families staying at panivman which is always reassuring...

PS Ko samui very over-developed if you ask me. Ko Phangan much nicer.

fluffymummy Tue 22-Aug-06 20:22:01


arfishymeau Wed 23-Aug-06 03:19:47

Hi FM,

I spent 5 months in Thailand when my DD was 14-19 months. It was absolutely fine, honest!

The food is great for littlies - lots of fresh rice, noodles, stir fried veggies, fruit etc. You can get plenty of baby supplies, there are even Boots and Tescos! There are plenty of stores if you need milk.

It was amazing, the Thais love Children, we had no problems with healthcare/doctors etc.

I took over my own car seat and was pleased to have it even though it was a pain to carry, also my buggy (but bear in mind I was going for longer).

I really had no idea what to expect and packed stacks of calpol, antiseptic, wipes, sterilising fluid etc. I really didn't need any of it. I was mainly in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Surat Thani. Ko Samui also had everything you could possibly need with a little one.

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