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Dejags : An update

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dejags Tue 22-Aug-06 12:35:38

Hi All,

I have updated our blog so feel free to browse.

We also have an online photo album if you want to look at our piccies.


katierocket Tue 22-Aug-06 12:36:31

<sigh> still so of your trip dejags.
Will have a read of the blog later.

dejags Tue 22-Aug-06 12:39:24

Cheers Katie, it'll soon be over

ComeOVeneer Tue 22-Aug-06 12:43:25

Looks like you are having a ball. Lovely photos.

LadyTophamHatt Tue 22-Aug-06 12:44:04

I've been following your trip Dejags and have you blog saved ion my favourites.....I click it ever few days to check if theres an update

Your boys are gorgeous....and DH isn't bad either

dejags Tue 22-Aug-06 13:01:02

Ah you made his day, I am sure LTH.

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