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a warning to any one who has Disney Tickets for florida

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pud1 Fri 04-Apr-14 12:11:20

i thought i would post this just to get you to check your tickets.

i have bought 4 14 day passes to wdw using orlando attractions.

i linked all 4 tickets to my Disney experience and chose our magic bands. we are staying on site so yesterday i started to look at fast pass +. when i tried to book some fast passes a message came up saying one of the party's tickets was not linked. i thought i had just missed one out so i tried to link it and got an error message telling me that it had been used.

after many phone calls to disney and orlando attractions it turns out that one ticket was used in feb. Orlando attractions have told me that they will make sure i get a new valid ticket. Disney are looking into it and have told me that it may be a glitch with the new magic band system and some one has simply entered a digit wrong and has linked my ticket.

orlando attractions have been fab and hopefully it will all get sorted but i wanted to warn you all to check your tickets

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