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seat sharing

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mummytoo Mon 31-Mar-14 22:16:17

we're booked to go on a long haul flight to sydney via seoul.... with 18mnth old and 4.5 yr old. Me and Dp had a long row about whether to book a seat for 18month old, and in the end DP won...we didn't. i have since had sleepless nights worrying about the horrendous ordeal we have ahead of us.. i even called the travel agents, but flight was too booked up to give us an extra seat. We've booked a bassinet, but my son is too tall (not too heavy). We are not sure if they will check and refuse at check in. if he is asleep he will go in curled up....

anyway i am looking for reassurance.. even if it is LIES!!

will my two kids be able to squeeze onto one seat outside of take off and landing just to get some lap respite?? have searched and search on internet about this but no one has posted anything about this.... dc1 is 4.5ys and petite......they will share seats for a while to watch a film...even at home...

SunshineCloud Mon 31-Mar-14 22:33:40

For the take off , landing and any case of turbulence your little one will have to go on your lap(due to international airline safety regulations). As for the meal times and any movie watching , they are more then welcome to share a seat , as long as they don't mind! It is extra money to book a seat for an under 2yo , but I would definitely recommend it. On this particular route , there are a lot families travelling, and the baby cots are in high demand. I hope this helps a bit! smile

glorious Fri 04-Apr-14 13:03:46

The bassinets aren't like moses baskets, more like a big reclining bouncy chair with 5 point harness, so curling up may not work I'm afraid. Take some new toys! Flights with our 1yo (admittedly smaller) have been much better than we feared.

dontyouknow Fri 25-Apr-14 15:08:55

Not quite as long a flight but we went to Malaysia with an 18 month old a few years ago no problems. They just had bassinets (not the chairs which glorious mentions). DD was too big to lie down in it, or curl up. She clearly exceeded the weight limit but they didn't bother and it seemed very sturdy. She slept on me and liked sitting playing in the bassinet.

We are going to mexico this summer with 16 month old DS. It would never occur to us to spend lots of extra money on a seat for him. We would rather put the money towards our next holiday! I think BA have the chairs so hopefully he will have one of those to sit and sleep in.

I was planning on spending, as before, a lot of time walking "circuits" of the plane aisles. With little toddler legs, walking around a big plane kills a lot of time and tires them out.

I can't see why your children can't share a seat whenever the seatbelt light is off.

mummytoo Fri 25-Apr-14 18:24:34

too Fri 25-Apr-14 18:19:25
Thanks for all your help...

We are back and for anyone else considering this my advice would be that extra seat does give you more space for playing..but mine wouldn't sit in it! We were really lucky as on 1 leg going and coming back plane was pretty empty. We also shoved my 91st percentile height ds in the bassinet. We had to argue a bit to get it though..luckily language barrier helped. On the crowded flights the lack of seat was more of an issue. Have to say though that I am not planning on flying again for a LONG while!

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