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Top Tips for long haul flights

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BoyBandMumager1 Wed 26-Mar-14 03:11:52

I'm British, mum to four boys, living in Hong Kong. I think I've cracked the secret to successful long haul flights. I'm willing to share my top tips!

needshelpwitheveryday Wed 26-Mar-14 16:32:55

OMG what have I signed up for in agreeing to fly to Australia in Decemeber - note to self take lots of drugs for sleeping - not for them for me sod everyone else on the plane

BiddyPop Thu 27-Mar-14 09:12:29

We've gone short long haul with dd (asp and ADHD so a boy band all by herself!). Both to US (Boston, and Florida). Both requiring lane changes in both directions. Plane changes. Bl**dy iPad.

Portable DVD player, laptop (upgraded to iPod last trip, have an iPad too this one!!), about 6 ore wrapped small toys, new comic, few snacks but not too many, the usual colouring in sheets and crayons, and a storybook, as well as her favourite bear, Max. A. Ew mag and book for me, new mag for DH. Buy bottle of water each once past security. Then try to settle and relax - watch enviously a DH reads his mag and watches nice movie while I deal with dd, then watch enviously as both sleep on night flights while I get whacked intthe head by stewardesses all night.

But we survive ok. Chargers are now a MUST, and earphones for all.

We,re going on a longer trip this year, 11 hours on the long flt but need to get to LHR first on another plane. We've upgraded for outbound tho, so I am going to get else is facial on way and enjoy the space. And am taking window on night flt home so DH can get his head bashed!

NoIdeasForUsername Fri 28-Mar-14 06:08:40

thanks have never been longhaul but am looking at two longhaul flights (plus a stupidly long stopover between them!). Thankfully the teens should deal fine, but am worried about my youngest DC who's 4. Will be bringing IPad, chargers, earphones and books, so will hopefully survive. <shudders>

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