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Dubai in August with 7 and 8 yr old? Is it too hot?

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MissWimpyDimple Sat 22-Mar-14 00:46:48

Have the opportunity to take DD and friend (and friends mum!) to Dubai for a week in August.

I've been before and in theory I know the girls would love it, (Dubai not my favorite destination- but that's more political than practical).

I think they will cope as they can be in and out of the pool and shade etc but I'm a bit worried.

Has anyone tried it? We would be at the Hilton all inclusive so plenty of AC areas and pools etc!

Isthiscorrect Sat 22-Mar-14 08:13:19

Hmmmm. As someone who leaves every summer because it is 50 degrees with high humidity I would say don't do it. On the other if you are visiting someone with kids then you should be ok. They will have plans for going out early at dawn, positioning themselves in the shade at the pool. They will know where the best indoor play areas are. From the POV of your children swimming in the dark is great fun, the outdoor misters at restaurants are entertaining the humidity does nothing for your hair. Of course you could always go skiing.
Whatever you do do not allow them outside without shoes / flip flops, nor allow them to play under a garden hose. Water tanks are on the roof and the water is heated all day so it's very very hot. We don't yes the water heater from May til October, no need.
Oh yes, shops etc open till midnight, water parks until 10pm or midnight. A week should be ok.

bonvivant Sun 23-Mar-14 07:49:06

Worst time to visit Dubai is it not? That's why most of the expat mums who have the opportunity leave in July/August. I wouldn't do it.

scarlettsmummy2 Sun 23-Mar-14 08:04:15

We have friends who always leave in July/ august as too hot.

Johnogroats Sun 23-Mar-14 08:22:51

I took DS1 when he was 2 in July. Not ideal....but it was worth it as DH was there. We went to water parks and shopping centres and hotel pool....and actually had a good time.

MissWimpyDimple Sun 23-Mar-14 21:49:04

Thanks for the advice. I'm going to have to give it a lot of thought.

dancingnancy Mon 24-Mar-14 16:24:29

I wouldn't, not if you are looking at it as a nice holiday. For visiting family or friends and staying indoors - maybe.

Crutchlow35 Mon 24-Mar-14 19:09:54

We were there in July when we emigrated. It was about 45/50 each day. It wasn't pleasant if I am honest.

Kelly1814 Sun 06-Apr-14 10:54:44

i live here, love sunshine and heat, but i would say august is too hot. i do go to the beach but stay in the shade, it is FILTHY hot then.

SteveBrucesNose Sun 06-Apr-14 16:15:44

Yes. Too hot

I stay here every summer and don't ever go outside

umiaisha Sun 06-Apr-14 21:57:53

We go every year in late July/August and really enjoy the heat, kids included.

As long as you are not far from the pool and hydrated you will be fine.

18yearsoftrying Sat 03-May-14 08:42:06

I wouldn't. When we were out there we got chatting to staff who said their trainers melted in the heat at that time of year.

WireCat Sat 03-May-14 08:43:12

I lived there.
It's hideously hot.
Everyone leaves in August because of the heat.

Damnautocorrect Sat 03-May-14 08:57:22

Doesn't it practically shut down for Ramadan in August / September?

MABS Tue 06-May-14 15:06:16

Ramadan changes each this year, in 2014 will start around 28 June ish for a month.

SandyChick Sun 11-May-14 19:36:09

I went last July with a 15 month old and 5 year old. Dh was working there so we didn't have control over the dates. It was very very hot (still in 40's at night) and humid plus it was Ramadan so nowhere open for food until Iftar.

We stayed around pool during the day so the heat was manageable for the children. We went to Atlantis and did a few other things but everywhere has air conditioning so fine.

We went into malls for evening meals so all air conditions etc. The rainforest cafe is a must!!

Overall we had a great time. The heat wasn't a problem at all. I wouldn't go during ramadan again with children tho.

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