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Villa's in Kissimee, Orlando

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wendy33 Mon 14-Aug-06 15:38:51

Has anyone rented a villa in orlando that was a really good deal, and not had problems.

We are going in 2008 but little unsure what to expect. We were orgionally going to book into a hotel through Thomas Cok but it seems an expensive way of doing it..

Pisces Mon 14-Aug-06 21:45:26

We went through Travelbag. The villa was brilliant and their service was too. It cost us £350 per week. It had 3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a pool and 3 reception rooms. We could not fault it. Look up on their website and have a look.

Waswondering Mon 14-Aug-06 21:48:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hulababy Mon 14-Aug-06 21:52:00

We have been twice. Last time we booked via Virgin. First time via Travel City (I think). Both times we paid approx £900 for a 4 bed, 3 bath villa with priivate pool for two weeks.

kittyb Mon 14-Aug-06 22:50:25

I wouldnt do a hotel wendy33. Much better to go s/c, supermarkets are so cheap, can make up sandwiches, can eat whenever you want, buy the breakfast cereal the kids want etc.

We stayed here this Nothing fancy, shared pool, very reasonably priced and comfortable. We'll stay there again easter 2007 hopefully!

kittyb Mon 14-Aug-06 22:51:36

my link didnt work - this is where I was trying to go to :-

wendy33 Tue 15-Aug-06 18:27:35

Thats great.

Thank you all!

julie4travel Mon 21-Aug-06 14:04:30

Message withdrawn

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