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Air India to Chicago - anyone flown them?

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Uwila Sat 12-Aug-06 16:46:10

Has anyone flown Air India? I'm planning a trip to Chicago in October. I'm considering Air India because it is the cheapest, but I read some not so flattering reviews about them online.

Quootiepie Sat 12-Aug-06 17:14:38

its Gulf air and saudi that are the worst... DH works at heathrow. Hes heard nothing bad about AirIndia.

Carmenere Sat 12-Aug-06 17:16:45

Iirc they have chronically bad reviews on Tripadvisor. Supposed to be very basic and quite grubby.

Uwila Mon 14-Aug-06 08:20:34

Thanks. I found a website that gives reviews -- not impressive for Air India.

annh Tue 15-Aug-06 11:03:49

My only knowledge of Air India is that when I was flying back from Chicago last month with BA, the Air India check-in line was enormous, everyone else seemed to have a manageable little queue but the Air India one snaked all over the terminal and everyone seemed to have HUGE quantities of luggage which was probably not helping with check-in. Sorry that's probably not very helpful!

MrsBadger Tue 15-Aug-06 11:08:13

A girl from work has just flown Air India to Toronto because it was the cheapest but she's not back yet so I can't tell you how it went - will update on her return...

Tex111 Tue 15-Aug-06 11:36:33

I've flown with Air India to Chicago twice and it's OK but that was without children. It's very basic. No individual TVs, just a big screen at the front showing one Bollywood film and then usually something British so take a good book. The curries were very hot and it wasn't very nice sitting next to the loos after mealtimes. If you want a really basic cheap flight and you're not travelling with children then I would say it's fine. I would never attempt it with the kids though.

Uwila Tue 15-Aug-06 11:36:44

I've gone off the Air India idea. Too many bad reports. But, just out of interest, I'd still like to hear what your colleague says about it, MrsBadger.

So, Annh, where did you go in Chicago? Did you have a nice time. I haven't been home for 3 years so I'm really looking forward to my trip.

annh Wed 16-Aug-06 15:53:54

Uwila, I didn't realise you were from Chicago, otherwise I'd have been stalking you round the boards to get your views on what to do! It was my first time there and I had 3 days with a friend who normally lives in DC so a great deal of time was spent catching up on the last 9 years. Otherwise, we did all the usual touristy things - Navy Pier (dreadful but had to be done), architectural boat tour (wonderful), Art Institute (ditto), lots of walking in parks, listened to a free rehearsal for an orchestral concert in Millennium Park, etc. I loved Chicago, wonderful buildings and appearing much more "civilized" than the likes of New York, LA etc.

Uwila Wed 16-Aug-06 16:29:57

Ah yes. The architecture boat tour is always on my list of recommendations. I like Navy Pier, but you do have to early and miss the crowds.

I can't wait to go home!!!! It's been way too long. But, I am a bit nervous about flying.

ChiTownLady Tue 22-Aug-06 15:49:18


I didnt now you came from chicago - i moved here wih dh in march we are living downtown and really loving it - though just came back from a week in san diego which was just gorgeous weatherwise and a bit o a shock to come back to the humidity again.... its in the 80's again today

MrsBadger Tue 29-Aug-06 09:39:56


Work colleague has just returned from Canada. She flew Air India from Birmingham to Toronto. She's 5'8" and 4 months pregnant. The conversation this morning ran thus:

me: How was Canada?
her: Oh, fantastic.
me: And how was the cheapy flight then?
her: Don't ASK.
me: Like that, eh?
her: Oh, I wouldn't recommend Air India to anyone.

So there you have it. Consider yourself warned!

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