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Do airlines provide baby food?

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sunshinedays Fri 11-Aug-06 14:38:05

Help. Will the arlines provide baby food? Flying with Virgin & BA but can't get through to customer services. Any ideas?

20hrs with a hungry baby. Oh joy.

fuzzywuzzy Fri 11-Aug-06 14:40:37

BA provide jars.....

GarfieldsGirl Fri 11-Aug-06 14:42:42

Baby food is one of the things you're allowed to take on board

Lua Fri 11-Aug-06 14:46:20

In a recently 9 hour flight we asked for a meal for our DS (12 months) and were told that they are not provided unless asked for in advance. That was a continental airline flight.
"Kids meals" also needed to be requested in advance, but to be honest they are rubbish! In the end both of my kids preferred the grown up food - chicken and pasta!


sunshinedays Fri 11-Aug-06 14:52:42

Thanks guys for suggestions.
I've been told you have to open it & taste it (NICE) but once opened they'll be sat warm and festering - surely that can't be safe?

SoupDragon Fri 11-Aug-06 14:55:21

How old is the baby?

ediemay Fri 11-Aug-06 14:58:25

Hi sunshinedays, carry some basic baby food along with the other permitted items, in a clear plastic bag. It is mainly milk which they are making people taste so you might be OK. Virgin are very good and helpful, BA can be good or can be dreadful.

legophobe Fri 11-Aug-06 14:59:03

Take it with you. Not worth the risk of not finding it. I have been delayed at an airport where everything was shut as the staff were on strike.

sunshinedays Fri 11-Aug-06 15:44:15

I'm really getting my knickers in a twist about this. I think I'm nervous about flying with the babes anyway and the baby food thing is just the final straw.

Chandra Fri 11-Aug-06 16:47:59

Many airllines don't provide any kind of baby food or food for children that are not paying for their own seat. We have preselceted a child meal from the website we got the tickets from and were told at check in to find something in the airport.

Check if you can bring baby jars as they are normally glass, not sure if they have become fussy about that too.

Personally, I'm having a right fit at this, DS has a multitude of food allergies so we normally even have to carry stuff that he will eat abroad. I can't bear the idea of risking loosing the luggage, DS would be eating fruit until the thing is returned. Same worry about epipen and piriton... what if they serve peanuts on board and we need them?

Trying to contact the GP for a letter and prescription just to show them at the door....

hulababy Fri 11-Aug-06 16:49:31

On the Virgin Atlantic flight we went on in June baby food and young children's food WAS provided.

sunshinedays Tue 15-Aug-06 11:46:45

Thank you all for your advise and experiences - I am still confused and worried as we're flying via the US (Virgin inbound, BA outbound)
and the latest I've heard is you can't take liquids inc baby food through security checks and you can't buy it once you're through the other side... (I think you can if not via USA).

Has anyone flown long haul since the changes and can reassure me. I'm freaked! (and thinking of changing my name to miserabledays!)

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 19-Aug-06 10:37:48

BAA published the following in the press yesterday:-

If you are travelling to the USA you are not permitted to take any liquid or gel items on to the aircraft with you wherever they were bought. You are able to take all other purchases on to the aircraft with you. This is the only restriction after security. There is more info on the website

BTW I flew back from Los Angeles with BA two days ago. The only restrictions we encoutered at that time was the usual ones with regards to liquids. No other restrictions were imposed on us as pax with regards to hand luggage (we were all allowed to bring a small bag on board).

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