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Long haul with a 1yr old?

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DetentionGrrrl Thu 10-Aug-06 08:21:26

I'm getting married in June, by then my son will be almost a year old. We're hoping to fly to San Fran, hire a car and visit Vegas, LA etc over a few weeks. Any tips for flying with a 1yr for 10-11hrs? How is jetlag likely to affect him?

Californifrau Thu 10-Aug-06 13:54:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Waswondering Thu 10-Aug-06 13:57:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bobblehead Thu 10-Aug-06 19:18:30

I flew Canada to UK a few months ago when dd was 11months. Tbh I found none of the toys/books/snacks I packed entertained her for more than a few minutes. She enjoyed walking up and down the aisles, pushing buttons on the armrest, trying to climb over the seat in front to play with hair and playing peekaboo with other passangers. She also loves it if I wear necklaces,etc so maybe some chunky jewelry would occupy him?
Dd didn't seem affected by jetlag at all, but she did consume about double the milk I expected on the flight, so unless you are breastfeeding take extra and then some!

DetentionGrrrl Fri 11-Aug-06 19:46:50

I hope i'll have finished breastfeeding by then! I'll be booking a third seat for him though i think- he's growing so fast i think we'll have dead legs having him on our laps the whole way. Hopefully the jetlag won't affect him then- not like it usually affects us anyway!

fennel Fri 11-Aug-06 19:52:40

jetlag affected my 10 month baby hugely when we took her to Australia. she'd slept through the night from very young but in a month in Australia, it took until the last couple of days for her to do that. and then another 6 weeks after returning to resume her normal sleep patterns. But we met people with a similar age baby on the flight and he was already a bad sleeper so they hadn't noticed any disruption due to jet lag.

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