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Sri Lanka in June: rain season: bad idea?

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sleepdodger Sun 23-Feb-14 21:30:54

Would you?
It's a far flung first family hol before school hols restrict us for time and money
Good AI deal at beautiful 5 star place (royal palms) at affordable price great facilities etc but I know it's rain season and wondered if any one has been then- rain every day a bit or solid rain for a fortnight?

dontyouknow Mon 24-Feb-14 19:08:28

I've been twice in August, pre children. It rained most afternoons for a few hours, quite heavily.

We also went when DD was 2 a few years ago in May, at the very start of the rainy season, for a fortnight beach holiday. It was dry most of the time. I think there were 2 days out of the fortnight when it rained in the afternoon.

We went to Thailand 2 years ago in their rainy season and only had a couple of days when it rained and even then it didn't rain all day.

I would go as I've travelled quite a bit in the monsoon to various countries. The rain cools things down and freshens things up. It's a bit of a gamble though as it's not great if it rains every day.

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