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Any tips for visiting Sri Lanka

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scully Tue 08-Aug-06 15:45:48

We are considering stopping over in Sri Lanka on our way to Australia, in late October. dd1 is 4 and dd2 will be 10mths. Has anyone visited with children, did you stay on the coast or visit anywhere inland or combine both? How long would you suggest if we did want to combine some beach time with some culture? What's the best way to get around? Any tips appreciated

CountessDracula Tue 08-Aug-06 15:46:39

I think the current advice is not to travel there there is a civil war

CountessDracula Tue 08-Aug-06 15:47:51


scully Tue 08-Aug-06 18:16:32

We'll keep on eye on this, thx. Had read of Tamil activity in certain areas, but was still interested to hear if anyone had been there in the last 6-12mths for a stopover or holiday.

CountessPanina Wed 09-Aug-06 08:44:35

I have been there but not for a while

Not with kids tho

MumtoLaura Wed 09-Aug-06 22:47:54

Hi, I went for two weeks last September with DP and DD who was three. Really interesting country and friendly people. We spent time in Kandy and the elephant orphanage, then went north to Sigiriya, then to Mirissa a small village on the coast and on to Galle.
There was still a lot of tsunami damage around Mirissa and Galle.
The food is spicy but the people are lovely with children and willingly cooked meat and plain veg. for DD when the spices got too much for her.
We travelled around by tuc tuc and taxi (quite cheap), we didn't have a guide and didn't need one, we like to do things at our own pace.
September is off season, so although the weather was hot the sea was rough.
Go - you'll love it.

scully Fri 11-Aug-06 15:40:24

Thx M2L, it looks and sounds a wonderful country to visit, just a bit unsure about the Tamil activity since June this year. Back to considering Malaysia, which is also great with small children, just that we've been there once before and wanted to go somewhere different.

MumtoLaura Fri 11-Aug-06 17:58:24

Well the danger is mainly in the north and east, which are easily avoided, but if you are worried about the risk then don't go. There are places in the world that I consider too risky now I have DD that I would have gone to before she was born. We've been to malaysia as well and really enjoyed it, DD particularly liked the playground under the petronas towers. Are Sri Lanka and Malaysia the only two options?

scully Fri 11-Aug-06 21:57:12

There's been some recent activity in and near Columbo which made us a bit nervous. Looking at reasonably priced airfares to Brisbane, with a stopover. Had found Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Dubai, Brunei or Singapore. With 4 of us flying now, plus hotel for 4 or 5 nights, have to be choosier these days

MumtoLaura Fri 11-Aug-06 22:48:13

Have you been to Hong Kong? I went pre DD, but there's lots to do that children might like - ferries / victoria peak, pink dolphins I believe, although I didn't take a trip to see them. And DD is interested in different cultures, lots of 'unusual' things for her to look at. I havn't been to Dubai, Brunei or Singapore I'm afraid, so can't comment on these.

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