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New York, New York - where to stay...

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RuthT Mon 07-Aug-06 20:16:18

I just can't seem to find a hotel that is cool, great for a 1 year old and not loadsa money.

I don't mind paying but the prices seem mad

Any ideas?

Tortington Mon 07-Aug-06 20:29:49

am sire somone out there isn't completely obsessed with nothing to answer you - lots of mumsnetters have been to new york.

besides they are not really doing anything about nothing just gas bagging

nellie245 Mon 07-Aug-06 20:35:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KTeePee Mon 07-Aug-06 20:36:19

IME NY is very expensive for hotels - $200 dollars per night is not unusual for a small room in a standard chain type of place. If there is a Marriott Residence in a convenient location I would recommend them - stayed in one in Washington DC with an 18mth old and it was good. I would guess that most places that are "cool" will not be terribly baby friendly.....

RuthT Mon 07-Aug-06 20:40:31

I know but I justr can't give up the desire to stay in a lovely hotel

I thought Hotel Giraffe looked good as does 60 Thompson, but def not cheap

QueenPeaHead Mon 07-Aug-06 21:07:11

try the alex. and do a search on it in the archive. lots of us have stayed there with and without children - great midtown location, lovely clean cool rooms (flat screen tvs white linens and wood floors), full kitchens (useful for 1yo), and you can generally get v good deals on eg expedia

QueenPeaHead Mon 07-Aug-06 21:17:13

or I've heard good things about the shoreham - great location near central park, big rooms etc. plus it is new so I think there are good deals to be had

CountessDracula Mon 07-Aug-06 21:23:18

last time we were there we stayed here in the modern suite (pic on that home page) It was VAST and really lovely (the bathroom was pretty basic but that didn't bother us at all) Plus two big double beds and of course with a 1yo you can see the advantages of a suite. It was only about $180 a night.

I love the location (East Village) but if you are going for the first time or just for sightseeing you may prefer another.

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