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Three grand lottery win -how would you spend it? (with toddler)

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Hessy Sun 16-Feb-14 20:21:33

Last year I won £5000 on a stretch card (so lucky, I know). I had overdraft and credit card to pay off and am left with three grand. I was going to save it but since then I've had two miscarriages and frankly think me, dp and toddler deserve something special in 2014.

WWYD or Where Would You Go?

Got to be school holidays annoyingly. Three grand must cover everything - flights, hotels, spending. X2 adults plus two year old. Obviously don't have to spend it all.

I've travelled extensively in Asia, Oz and US; loved them all but only ever backpacked. I know nothing about luxury travel - or even if to bother with it! Always been happy roughing it. But willing to be convinced!

Ttc so hoping to be (successfully) pregnant at some point soon. But learnt can't put our lives on hold because of it.

My absolute dream holiday would be Japan in April. But possibly left that too late and possibly £3000 wouldn't cover it....?

Or winter sun for Christmas?

Any ideas welcomed!

AmIatwat Sun 16-Feb-14 22:55:08

Sorry to sound so boring, but I'd put it in an ISA 'till I find what I need it for. It's good to have a nest egg, you really don't know what's 'round the corner.

givemeaclue Mon 17-Feb-14 08:03:49

A week in the carribbean? Antigua, st Lucia or Barbados? Should get a good Hotel for a week or even two although probably not over christmas within budget unless you don't go for the luxury option.

Or an all inclusive in Europe or the canaries?

Italian riviera?

£3k unfortunately doesn't stretch far if you want luxury.

I would go to the travel agents and see what they can suggest as options and would also call virgin re the carribbean

Have a lovely time

MinesAPintOfTea Mon 17-Feb-14 08:15:13

I'd buy a slightly rusty camper van and have a good way to take the little ones on budget UK breaks for the next few years.

givemeaclue Mon 17-Feb-14 10:42:26

Would you get a camper van for £3k though?!

lljkk Mon 17-Feb-14 10:52:02

Canaries for sure. Xmas or Feb half term next yr.

specialsubject Mon 17-Feb-14 11:23:29

I'm all for a nest egg, but with interest rates so low and inflation high I'd say spend it!

MinesAPintOfTea Mon 17-Feb-14 11:30:51

giveme we spent just over 4k for something fairly large and specific last year. A caravan or big family tent would also be good. Just a way to quickly go away as a family on a regular basis rather than a blow-out trip.

handcream Mon 17-Feb-14 11:42:05

Not sure Japan would be great with a toddler. What about Dubai?

AmIatwat Mon 17-Feb-14 17:47:44

A camper van will eat up your money on insurance and repairs. OK interest rates are low but who knows when you might need the money. If you are solvent ,by all means splash out on a holiday.

hifi Mon 17-Feb-14 18:55:28

I doubt you would get anywhere for 3k at xmas. im looking to go longhaul at easter and wont get much change out of 6k for an egg and chip holiday. luxury would be 10k plus.

Coconutty Mon 17-Feb-14 18:57:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hessy Mon 17-Feb-14 19:20:54

Oh dear I've realised my idea of 'luxury' is anything one star up from a guesthouse on the BKK Koh San Rd! Cannot comprehend three grand on a holiday, let alone ten!

I am having doubts now - it's such a lot of money for us. It's very unlike me to want to blow it on something nice rather than save it just in case. I do have other savings, just would prefer to mark this bit if luck with a treat, rather than have it lost in general savings.

Neither DP or I drive, which rather limits our options. Certainly no camper van, as amazing an investment that sounds.

Will investigate Europe and Cape Verde. Never considered Dubai. Is there anything more than resorts and shops?

Genuinely have never used a travel agent! Not even sure how it works. Do I go into one of the shops?! Sorry to sound thick - only backpacked before.

Thank you all thanks

bonvivant Mon 17-Feb-14 21:28:17

Dubai is pretty much resorts and shops - I wouldn't recommend it to anyone as a destination in itself but OK for a couple of nights stopover.

You might be able to get a good deal to Mexico, tends to be AI and it's not expensive when you get there. My personal fave is Egypt though but only if you like diving/snorkeling.

givemeaclue Tue 18-Feb-14 08:13:35

I have heard there isn't much to do on Cape Verde

handcream Tue 18-Feb-14 10:21:38

I have taken my kids to Dubai many times. They are great with children. Camel rides, trips into the desert and the beaches...

BlueFrenchHorn Wed 19-Feb-14 15:04:19

How about a luxury all inclusive somewhere like turkey or Spain? You'll get a lot more for your £3k out there.

Congratulations on your win btw.

frenchfancy Wed 19-Feb-14 15:19:40

If you want all inclusive why not take a look at the first choice website. They've got free child places on offer so you should get something in your budget.

sleepdodger Sun 23-Feb-14 21:43:26

For luxury as in 5star at a price to suit budget- turkey- the lire is in free fall and you could do some seaside stuff alongside the beautiful and interesting Istanbul
Choose a decent brand hotel for the seaside bit as turkey stars not as uk stars!!
Otherwise somewhere off season like srilanka in wet season you'd do for 3k all in for 4/5star for you all on all inclusive and there is loads going on there!

PeppermintScreams Mon 24-Feb-14 21:19:11

In your specific situation, and with a toddler, I'd do something like Haven or Centre Parcs and put the rest towards a trip to Disneyworld at a later date.

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