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Thailand (Chiang Mai/Bangkok) with baby OR leave baby behind??

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Umlauf Mon 10-Feb-14 16:39:14

DH has been offered an all expenses paid conference trip to the above and as we are really tight for money during my maternity leave, this would be a way we could afford an amazing travel experience (We'd have to pay for my travel only). We need to decide this week whether to leave our (then 9 month old with his grandparents (possibly in our house) or to take him with us.

I've never been apart from him overnight before, and he is EBF so he would have to be weaned onto formula if we did go, so I'm leaning more towards taking him with us...

WWYD? Does anyone have any experience with taking a baby to this area, or leaving them for 10 days ish at that age? Thank you.

TRL Mon 10-Feb-14 21:16:28

I've taken two of mine at that age travelling round Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia, and had nothing but a fabulous time everywhere.

We stayed in 5* hotels, ate wonderful breakfasts there which both babies fully participated in (small chompers!), and took lots of 'Ella's kitchen' baby meals with us as I was a bit worried about mashing up noodles/rice when out & about. We travelled with a Phil & Teds complete with black insect net which helped keep off the sun, gave somewhere for naps and meant the mosses weren't a problem.

The people we met were all so welcoming and fantastic with all our children, and we had a wonderful time ourselves. We've booked to go back next Dec but the youngest will be 2 3/4 then - we go every two years.

Night flights are much easier than day and BA have reclining car seats which fit where the bassinets normally do - great for longer babies. One was crawling; the second time we went the baby was still static and that's definitely an easier option on a day flight but I'd try for night flights if poss.

I wouldn't even hesitate! grin

Umlauf Tue 11-Feb-14 08:44:09

Thank you! We won't get much choice on the flight as it will be arranged by the company travel agent but hopefully he would behave himself! I'm more concerned by logistics of being there, we have a bugaboo cameleon with a mosquito net (we live in a European hot country so need it!) and could take that rather than a lighter weight one. I think were definitely leaning towards taking him rather than leaving him behind!

ShanghaiDiva Tue 11-Feb-14 10:27:47

When are you travelling? April in Thailand is incredibly hot.
Chiang Mai is a lovely place and sanitation generally decent. The advantage of breast feeding is you don't have to worry about sterilising bottles. They have Boots in Thailand and in tourist areas usually have an English speaking pharmacist. Lots of restaurants had high chairs too (was there last week!)
Bangkok will be less fun as it is so hectic, noisy and the traffic is horrendous. If you have a hotel near a sky train stop that should make things easier.
Have a lovely trip!

Umlauf Tue 11-Feb-14 11:20:36

It would by July so rainy season unfortunately, but we last went in rainy season (sept) and it wasn't non stop so I'd hope we'd be ok. Bangkok is optional but bil and SIL live there and the flights go in there so it'd be nice to stopover.

What about things like mosquito repellant, taking a baby to markets etc? My big worry is transport, I seem to remember room my last trip there the taxis were rickety tractor type things, like bigger tuk tuks! Chiang mai being a city must have proper taxis though...

poppeb Tue 11-Feb-14 11:33:37

i had this choice to make and decided to stay at home and dh is going alone. don't fancy thailand with a baby.

i've had plenty of amazing holidays before the baby was born so don't feel like i am missing out too much.

ShanghaiDiva Tue 11-Feb-14 12:27:03

chiang mai has more tuk tuks and those big red bus type vehicles (which are open at the back) than taxis. However, am sure you could book a taxi from the hotel - the only issue may be getting back to the hotel.
Mosquito repellant - check it's okay for babies as not all are.
for markets would consider taking your baby in a sling as they can be really packed (night market in Chiang mai e.g.) and not push chair friendly.

Umlauf Tue 11-Feb-14 12:46:39

DH said if he went alone he'd just go to the conference and nothing else as he'd miss us, so he'd miss out too. How old was your baby poppe ?

I don't fancy the idea of a tuktuk with a baby at all so the taxi issues a big one so I'll look into that more. No idea where we'd be staying yet!

dontyouknow Wed 12-Feb-14 21:43:41

I would take the baby. We were looking at Thailand for a holiday this Easter when DS would be 12m but couldn't get a good enough deal on flights. DD went to Malaysia at 18m and Thailand for the first time at about 3yo.

If Bangkok doesn't appeal so much would it work if you and the baby went to the beach for a few days? Cha-am is only a couple of hours away. We have been twice with a young child and stayed at the Holiday Inn Regent Beach. Could your DH then join you? Rainy season on the beach works quite well with a young child as it stops you being out in the sun too much.

Remember that if you want a baby seat you will need to book a taxi from the airport and book any transfers with a firm that has them. I think the people we used were called something like Oriental transfers.

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