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Baseball in the states, worth it or not?

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ItsNotATest Sat 08-Feb-14 23:55:37

Has anyone done it?
We, 2 adults and 2 teenagers (18 and 15), have 4 nights in New York later in the year. I am wondering about getting tickets for an evening baseball game. I'm fairly keen - I like sport and it feels like a quintessentially American thing to do while we are there. But the other 3 are generally a bit less interested in sport than me, although they would tag along in a fairly good natured way if I pushed it but it wouldn't be on their must-do lists.
It would be helpful to hear from anyone who has been in similar circumstances. I am hoping that it would be entertaining enough to keep us all interested, but am happy to be corrected. I'd rather find out now than deal with a load of moaning on the night!

lljkk Sun 09-Feb-14 09:55:22

ime, don't take them if they are disinterested. Nothing worse than moaning offspring.

I am looking forward to a Baseball game very much with my dad in May, but I am American and I mostly understand the nuances. It's 50:50 whether any of British DC will come, maybe the older ones who have played Rounders or the only DC who genuinely likes crowds & sport. Ideally you'd go with someone who really knew the teams and could comment on the personality politics going on as well as the sport.

pootlebug Sun 09-Feb-14 09:59:36

I first went to a Baseball game when on a trip to the USA with my parents. I was 16, and would have said in advance that I wasn't that bothered.

I really enjoyed it. But my Dad was into baseball and able to explain the rules etc. I think if you went without any idea what was going on you'd think it was pretty dull.

ThisLittlePiggyStayedHome Sun 09-Feb-14 10:11:09

If you don't know the rules or have an interest in the game itself, then it depends entirely on which team and which park you're going to, because it will be more about the experience of being part of the crowd. In some parks, the tickets don't sell and the atmosphere in a half-full park would be pretty boring. In New York, it will be great, as both the Yankees and the Mets have big, loyal followings and intense (but good natured, on the whole) rivalries with other teams. I say go for it, but i love baseball.

MovingGal Sun 09-Feb-14 10:12:05

I am not a sports fan at all, but my DH is and I really enjoyed the games we saw.
Thing is, they put on such a good show (fireworks, entertainment etc). I am assuming you are talking about a major league game ?
They play music etc and make a good atmosphere. Its that and as you said the American-ness that makes for a good night out.

MovingGal Sun 09-Feb-14 10:19:26

ThisLittlePiggyStayedHome I agree, the crowds really get into it.
OP if you get the chance to interact with those around you do so because I feel it adds to the experience.

We were in Boston and the people around us heard our accents(Australian) and were quite happy to chat - and get in our photos! - made for a fun night.

Also the stadium in New York (Yankees? Maybe?) wasn't quite finished in 2008 when we were in NY so it should be fairly new with quite good facilities.

pinkcheese Sun 09-Feb-14 18:01:55

Take a trip out to Brooklyn to see the Cyclones, its a really fun family event. They play most of June and all through July and August. Their ballpark is the centerpiece of Coney Island, where all the funfair stuff is, so you could make a fun day of it (you can even get beer at ballgames!)

Hersetta Mon 10-Feb-14 09:56:48

Just be aware of how long a game lasts to be sure you can stand their moaning! A normal game lasts 3+ hrs and if it goes to extra innings it could be even longer. I would say therefore go to a day game as evening games can very often finish after midnight.

Also if you have never seen a game before you need to at least have a rough idea about the rules to be able to understand what is going on (even if it is just the rules around balls and strikes) as otherwise everyone will be utterly confused.

The Yankees are the premier team in new york, however tickets may be hard to get hold of and expensive - you may find it easier and cheaper to get tickets for the Mets instead and as a Red Sox fan I can say Yankees Suck!

homebythesea Tue 11-Feb-14 13:08:49

Definitely go - it is an amazing experience and totally different atmosphere to UK sporting events. The crowd is completely mixed (but you never feel unsafe or intimidated), you can enjoy a beer at your seat and the locals will be more than happy to share their knowledge of the game if you get lost. I would make sure you get seats close to the first base and low down so you can follow the game - if you are the other side of a very large stadium it can be quite difficult to follow. It would be good to get a handle on the basics before you go too

vulgarwretch Tue 11-Feb-14 13:20:34

I've been to two games - the first I enjoyed somewhat but I didn't totally understand what was going on. The second was really really fun. I knew more about it but it was also generally a better game, which obviously you can't really plan for. But it's certainly worth trying to have a handle on the rules before you go, if you go. I would be in two minds about taking uninterested kids, myself.

I would definitely recommend an evening game for the better atmosphere, but as an earlier poster said, you should expect it to last 4 hours and if you're coming from the UK you will have jet lag to contend with.

TwelveLeggedWalk Tue 11-Feb-14 13:26:13

We went to one and enjoyed it, but mostly for the people watching, general spectacle and snacking, we didn't have a CLUE what was going on!

If the others aren't keen I wouldn't spend the best part of half a day on it personally.

Wrong season (I think), but some friends went to basketball instead which might appeal more - faster, closer to the action etc?

Hersetta Tue 11-Feb-14 16:07:47

Basketball would depends on when you are going - the season finishes at the end of May and doesn't start again until right at the end of October.

If that is an option, I would say (having been to over 50 NBA games) that college ball is actually more enjoyable than NBA games (and a heck of a lot less expensive). Check out St Johns or maybe Seaton Hall.

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