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TransAtlantic flight, when to book to get best price?

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lljkk Sat 08-Feb-14 16:50:21

How many days before flying should we book, do you reckon? I read contradictory things. What is your experience?

We're travelling in about 85 days. One website says 49 days before flight is the optimal date to get best price. DH was insisting 30 days but then got the huff because I pointed out that prices always rise after Easter so his observations were just seasonal effects

nannyafrica Sat 08-Feb-14 17:10:50

There was something on tv the other day saying 59 days before and to look at websites like Kayak and skyscanner to check prices. Wish I could remember what program it was.

lljkk Sat 08-Feb-14 17:18:57

I've read so far... 49 days & 59 days for Domestic American flights, but maybe 11-12 weeks for international. Then there are theories about what day to purchase (not just what days to fly).

I once flew on NYE. That was brilliant! Half empty plane.

MillyMollyMama Sat 08-Feb-14 17:32:26

As early as possible in my view. When the seats are all sold at X price, they move up to Y price. It is supply and demand. The prices don't go down. If you are not flexible with dates, always book early. You can usually book 9 months in advance so I would get looking right now or you may find you will have to have a stopping route or a crappy airline flying at a horrible time of day. The days of last minute cheap flights is absolutely long gone. There may even be a sale on!

ItStillLooksLikeRainDear Sat 08-Feb-14 17:34:32

Check this site for advice

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 08-Feb-14 18:25:39

The days when you could get a return ticket to say NYC for £200 return are long gone. Fuel costs and APD (Air passenger duty) also sounded the death knell for such things.

I would book it asap; prices for longhaul tend to rise towards the summer months anyway.

If at all possible as well fly direct to your destination. A same day internal transfer in a US airport can take a long time so can add hours to your already long day.

lljkk Sat 08-Feb-14 19:21:24

It's gone from £4.2k to £4.3k in last month, so I am minded to think price will only go up, too. Now just have to convince the other half. Thanks for the MSE link.

eurochick Sat 08-Feb-14 19:23:55

I travel transatlantic a few times a year, and in my experience the prices only go up as you get nearer your travel date.

lljkk Sat 08-Feb-14 19:31:23

Those website linked from MSE are still more expensive than booking direct with the airlines. Even the cheapest 1-stop option has also gone up by £100 in last month.

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