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New England accommodation - PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

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HeyBaby Thu 03-Aug-06 20:34:40

We have booked a trip to New England, US in about a month's time. We have booked flights and hired a car etc and we figured that we could stay at some motel efficiencies (eg with kitchenette etc) although we prefer a separate bedroom/living area arrangement so that we can still have a bit of a life after DS goes to bed!

Anyway, I have been scouring the internet for the past two weeks for suitable accommodation - nothing fancy, just clean, relatively central and with the above layout - and even the crappiest place seems to be £100+ per night! New Hampshire in particular is proving a real problem.

If anyone has any recommendations or tips for good value family accommodation in this area PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! Otherwise looks like our travel budget for this trip is going to go over by 100% (which we can't really afford ....)

cori Sat 05-Aug-06 18:05:55

Sorry, I dont have any information for you about this.
Another mumnsnetter is trying to arrange a meetup for Aussie mums in London. I think from my own searches you are Australian too. If your interested see here. aussiemums

NotQuiteCockney Sun 13-Aug-06 08:12:03

I don't think motels tend to be online, do they? We would always just show up. I'll have a dig for you, anyway.

NotQuiteCockney Sun 13-Aug-06 08:17:18

Hmm, my normal recommendation, which is a bit luxe, is \link{}, but I'm finding New Hampshire quite expensive, too. B+Bs look expensive, too.

Would camping be an option?

HeyBaby Sun 13-Aug-06 09:42:33

Would you believe that even a lot of the motels (efficiency units anyway) are booked out. We had to ring most and either leave messages or keep ringing. The efficiency suites with a separate bedroom were around US$180 per night plus taxes anyway! Plus it seems and the ones which had good reviews on tripadvisor etc were taken anyway as apparently people book them out either for a month at a time or in advance (as part of their regular annual break)!

So far the cheapest accommodation we have found in New England (bearing in mind that we do want efficiency facilities and separate bedroom) has been in Cape Cod for US$120 + tax per night.

So suggestions still very welcome ....!

NotQuiteCockney Sun 13-Aug-06 10:01:29

Where are you flying into? What are you looking to experience? Maybe there is a cheaper/simpler option?

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