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Anyone flown Air Transat to Canada?

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WalkingThePlank Sat 01-Feb-14 10:19:29

We're thinking of flying Air Transat to Toronto (family withe primary school age children) because it fliues from our closest airport. However, I have never heard of them before. Can anyone tell me what they know about this airline e.g. are the seats ludicrously close together, do they have 'entertainment' for the children?


CosyTeaBags Sat 01-Feb-14 10:22:44

Yes, we flew with them a couple of years ago. They were fine, but just a bit on the 'budget' side.

I don't remember anything particularly bad about the flight, and we flew to Vancouver, so it was looooong!

OK so it's not as comfortable as one of the better airlines, but it was absolutely fine. I can't remember about entertainment to be honest, but there must have been. I would have remembered if there was no tv!

They do some great bargains!

zgaze Sat 01-Feb-14 10:25:45

I did several years ago, same route. As far as I can remember we were quite impressed. Aren't they something like a charter flight with extra seats rather than scheduled service? I remember they were significantly cheaper than other airlines for some reason.

ggirl Sat 01-Feb-14 10:31:07

they've been around for quite a while now and ime have improved a lot in recent years
We flew with them last year and were impressed, no delays at all , comfortable flight , better than Air Canada .

ggirl Sat 01-Feb-14 10:32:06

there were personal tv's on each seat when we flew last year
think it was new plane

ggirl Sat 01-Feb-14 10:33:29

and there were kids goodie bags given out when boarding

ggirl Sat 01-Feb-14 10:34:32

I owuld recommed taking your own headphones though , kids get them free and they're fine , adults don't and the ones they sell are shit

mummymeister Sat 01-Feb-14 14:17:13

we looked at them for Vancouver but went with aircanada in the end because the flight times suited us better. it is a charter so doesn't fly every day. looked at the various frequent flyer websites and as long as you are prepared for it to be a bit bucket then no problem. they do have PE seats that are reasonably priced with more space.

BeckAndCall Sat 01-Feb-14 16:20:50

My son flies them all the time - he works in BC and his girlfriend lives in Edmonton and he's back and forth a lot ( to here) ( so he's probably flown with them 6 times in total )

They are so much cheaper than air Canada it's a no brainer for him but I think they are 'mixed' in terms of flight quality - depend which plane you fly from which airport.

UKsounding Mon 10-Feb-14 02:11:20

Air Transat is fine, especially as you are only going as far as YYZ. It is budget travel, with seats packed in and limited cabin service. The other disadvantage is that Air Canada flies in and out of Terminal 1 at YYZ which is beautiful while Air Transact flies in and out of Terminal 3 which serves all the charter flights and can be a mad house. The cost saving is usually pretty significant compared to Air Canada or BA though, and premium economy is pretty nice.

You'll love Toronto! Wrap up warm if you are coming soon as we are having a real Canadian winter, but it is an awesome city.

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