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Cuba ~ Have you been?

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MegJoshMum Mon 31-Jul-06 08:56:05

We fly to Cuba on Wednesday for 2weeks. Has anyone been and do they have any tips for when we are there?
We have 2 children, Josh 10 and Megan 7.

southeastastra Mon 31-Jul-06 09:49:42

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

pashmina Mon 31-Jul-06 11:05:03

I went, but pre kids, where abouts? fabulous beaches and very kind and generous people. food was really bad though.

katesa Mon 14-Aug-06 22:45:31

we are flying to cuba on 14 sept and would also love some advice - have 2 children - 3.5 yrs and 6 months

cece Mon 14-Aug-06 22:53:39

I went about 8 years ago.

Agree food was very bad. DH got food poisoning from hotel buffets. I avoided as vegetarian I thnk...

Really nice people. The way they live, transport systems, shopping is all quite shocking.

cece Mon 14-Aug-06 22:54:00

oh and i seem to remember everything cost a dollar! LOL

Kammy Wed 16-Aug-06 21:21:46

We have been twice - pre-children about 8 years ago and in June with our 4 1/2 year old.

Things have got more difficult for Cubans, although interestingly, for some there does seem to be more money about.
Food is not great - you are probably better off eating in Cuban restaurants than in hotel buffets.
Take lots of snacks and uht milk drinks in yuor luggage! Cereal bars and 'moo milk' were very useful.
People are lovely, so friendly and lovely to children. If you are invited to an ordinary cubans house then go - you will have friends for life.
Take a good first aid kit, Calpol, nurofen, dioralyte, mozzie repellant, sun screen - very hot at this time of year.
Don't take US dollare - they now have a surcharge on changing them.
Have a lovely time!

DebbsyandBibby Wed 16-Aug-06 21:44:11

we have been 3 times and loved it where are you staying?

katesa Thu 17-Aug-06 08:40:48

we are staying in Varadero at a resort called the Iberostar Varadero - it seems to have got good reviews on trip advisor so fingers crossed. we are hoping to get out and see the pace though and plan a couple of nights in havanna so if you know anywhere good to stay then pls let me know. What about nappies? do we have to take 2 weeks worth? And food for babies? my sisters ds will be 9mths. Also, have heard that one should take gifts instead of tipping hotel staff - is this true and what does one take?

DebbsyandBibby Thu 17-Aug-06 18:00:58

Iberostar is a very good hotel to stay in very high standard of accomadation you will have a whale of a time dont know anything about nappies and things as currently expecting 1st child.We tipped and as we were leaving we left all t shirts shorts and toiletries as they are very expensive to buy out there.i also took little soap gifts fro the maids and they really appreciated that.Have a good time

3499julie Mon 21-Aug-06 22:53:48

Hi we went to the south of cuba (quadalavaca)about 4 years ago and there was nothing there outside of the hotel so when we went this year to Varadero in April this year with our 12 wek old daughter, we took everything with us. its not easy to purchase nappies and other baby stuff so i was glad we had supermarkets are the size of corner shops and are not stocked with goods that you would find at home! lots of fruit and steamed veg in the hotel, no kettles in the room so a bit difficult for sterilising bottles but bar staff more than happy to assist. Could be worth taking a travel kettle but be warned it is illegal to take one in to the country so keep it in your suitcase and plead ignorance if you get stopped!!!


Waswondering Mon 21-Aug-06 23:12:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Waswondering Mon 21-Aug-06 23:18:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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