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Where to go medium haul with 20 month old

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wheelybug Sat 29-Jul-06 14:09:26

Have decided we'd like to go somewhere longish haul end of September with our 20 month old. Basically somewhere out of europe but, just wondered in what sort of accomodation people stay in ?

We've only travelled in Europe with dd so far and in self catering places but the longer haul places are hotels so, do you keep your children up with you and go out or does anyone have a recommendation for a longish haul apartment place (more so there's room to sit somewhere whilst dd sleeps of an evening).

MaloryClassyTowers Sat 29-Jul-06 14:11:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wheelybug Sat 29-Jul-06 14:19:33

I know what you mean - After a scream-fest coming back from northern spain in June we vowed not to fly until she was a little older. However, feet are getting itchy ......

I guess you'd need a drink after the mini disco (I certainly would !)

MaloryClassyTowers Sat 29-Jul-06 17:31:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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