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apartments in the far east

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mogwai Tue 25-Jul-06 13:10:17

looking at options for a stop-over en route to Australia. Possibly one night, possibly three.

We need two bedrooms and ideally we need an apartment type thing as baby will be 18 months.

Singapore favorite option but would consider HK

Any suggestions of somewhere to stay?

robinpud Mon 31-Jul-06 17:16:38

Mogwai- we have booked 5 star hotel in Hongkong for 2 nights for the price of our crappy hotel in london this february. We will take kids to the Disney there which tho' very small will wow our kids who have not seen anything of its ilk. Dh wants to explore HongKong.

mogwai Sat 12-Aug-06 20:19:55

are they sleeping in your room Robinpud? Our daughter is a really light sleeper so always needs her own room. Can you get interconnecting rooms?

(am dreading the thought of this with the possibilty of no hand luggage - baby will be 18 months)

arfishymeau Thu 17-Aug-06 14:10:18

Hi Mogs,

Only just seen this. I flew over here at the very last minute, so had 3 days to organise everything. It meant I couldn't do a stopover in Singapore which was also my preferred choice - there's a fabulous water park there aparently which is great for children, plus Singapore Air are supposed to be the best for travelling with littlies.

I was very happy with Hong Kong though, really pleased to have seen it and stayed in a fabulous 2 room apartment with cooking etc and amazing views over Hong Kong harbour at the Langham Place Hotel in Mongkok. It's on the most kid-friendly hotel lists in Hong Kong and has a good pool, spa, great food and the most amazing beds - you have a choice of hundreds of different pillows and bedding and DD and I slept like a log.

On the downside though it was very expensive (room wasn't too bad value for an apartment in HK, but room service and restaurants were) and I couldn't find a supermarket nearby to buy food to prepare for DD - the whole reason for getting the kitchen. We were there on our own though so didn't have too much opportunity for exploring for supermarket shopping though.

They do a service from the airport and are super attentive and helpful if you have a two room (or more) suite, plus you get a special lounge and check-in with free food & cocktails (DD was welcome). There's also wireless lan in the rooms and plasma tvs & DVDs, plus amazing bathrooms.

Would I go back? Yes, if travelling with DD because it was easy to be there with her (at 2.5).

If you can get Singapore though, I would probably go for it - I'm hopefully flying back for a visit in a month or so and will try for Singapore this time.

mogwai Thu 17-Aug-06 20:47:51

thanks for that Arfishy

can I ask you how much it cost per night?

We flew Singapore airlines last time we went to australia. They were good, but the airport in Singapore was enormous!!!

When are you coming "home"?? If you're near me I'd love to meet up for a chat/advice session! I'm in the north west but can travel within reason. If not, perhaps I could talk to you on the phone?

DH has applied for 15 jobs in Sydney - the interviews are next month (while we're on holiday in st Ives - groan!!!)

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